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Making Last-Minute Cash Before Returning to College

Making Last-Minute Cash Before Returning to College
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Jordan Friedman August 12, 2014

Use these six tips to get some extra money before you get back to school.

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Need some last minute money before you head back to school for the fall semester? There are plenty of simple jobs you can do to make some cash.

1. Babysitting, House-sitting, or Pet-sitting

Summer is the perfect time to take care of somebody’s home, child, or pet while he or she is away for vacation. You might have to check your neighbors’ mail or water their plants, or take care of the kids (and pets) who live there. To spread the word of what you’re doing, you can post flyers around your local community and ask your own friends and family members if they need a sitter.

2. Tutoring

Tutoring younger children or your peers is a great summertime activity to keep you busy while getting some hard-earned cash. There’s plenty of time to help someone prepare for the SATs or other important tests since you won’t have homework or other school-related responsibilities to worry about. You can also tutor a student in summer school and help him with his homework and test preparation. You can have your friends and students tell others about your services and even create business cards.

3. Lawn Care

The heat during the summer can put your lawn at a risk of drying out, so constant care is needed. Go door to door or call up your neighbors and ask them if they need some help maintaining their property. This might entail mowing the lawn and watering plants, so you’ll need the right equipment, such as a lawn mower, to ensure that you can complete the job successfully.

4. Sell Old Stuff

From old books to clothes that don’t fit you anymore, there’s plenty of time during the summer to make extra cash by selling items back to stores. Go to a bookstore and get money back for that textbook you never returned, and make a few extra bucks by bringing clothes to your local thrift store.

5. Freelance

Whether you’re a writer, graphic designer, or social media guru, there are plenty of freelance opportunities that can help you earn some money before you head back to school. You can check out opportunities on sites such as,, or

For a list of 17 great freelance sites, click here.

6. Work Local Events, Parks, or Festivals

Find a festival, amusement park, or other event or venue in your community and ask the organizers if they need any extra help for which they would be willing to pay you. This may include parking cars, working at a booth, serving food, and more. It’s a simple way to earn extra money while interacting with and meeting residents of your neighborhood.

Still looking for some ways to make a quick buck? Check out A Guide to Selling Your Textbooks for tips on turning old textbooks into hard cash!


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