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Powerful Technological Tools That Make Online Tutoring Effective

Powerful Technological Tools That Make Online Tutoring Effective
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Sunil Kumar February 8, 2019

Online tutoring is adored for the flexibility it renders to student learning process. It is mainly due to the aid of technology which makes tutor -student rapport a power packed one with great learning outcomes.

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Technology has a major sway on the present world and everything comes under its power. Education also has faced its impact with the advent of online tutoring which has been much appreciated for the advantages it yields like flexible timings, any time availability and connectivity from anywhere at any time. All these good things are possible due to the technological back up tutoring online enjoys and the benefits are becoming more and more day by day.

It would be fine to note what devices are most useful and commonly used by online sites for empowering their tutoring ambiance. They are


Skype is the foremost advantageous product of technology to be used in tutoring environment. Apart from making the learning environment lively with the video connectivity between the tutor and student, this technological device makes learning interactive, live and gives a touch of real experience to the students. Hence students could undo their subject hassles through the audio and video support rendered by Skype when they interact with their tutors and get the best of their learning.

White board

White board is like using a black board in the classroom. It is extremely useful for students to solve problems as in Math or Science on the board with the help of online tutors. They could do sums step bys step and seek clarifications when they go wrong. It brings forth great learning outcomes as students are able to understand where they miss and rectify their errors on the spot.


Scribblar is like white board where students could see the tutors write and draw live. And as such, they would be able to share their docs as well. Scribblar supports live audio and images. The students benefit from this device during their brain storming sessions for difficult topics.

Live chat and email

Students could connect to tutors through live chat and e mail and explain their demands to the tutors to get proper guidance for their difficulties. As this kind of technological support is available 24/7, any student who struggles with a homework task in an odd hour finds it easy to interact with the tutor and seek help for completing his task.

Wiki Space

Students and tutors could collaborate through Wiki Space and share links, ideas and images. It is more advantageous for multi student virtual atmosphere where students could share links and images commonly for their learning purposes.

Google Drive

This is a great tool helping students and tutors share documents and spreadsheets and one could have even presentations with his student through Google Drive.

Similarly You Tube, Edmodo and TED-ed are also useful for student- tutor communication in an easy way.


Without technological support, online tutoring could not have gained this massive victory in the educational field. Students are able to improve their learning outcomes, better their performances, understand their minus points and correct their errors on the spot through empowered technological medium in tutoring online environment. Students are able to connect to the tutors fast and get their work done in seconds.

It is due to technology, a positive learning ambiance with the convenience of home without commutation is possible today. Similarly, the rapidity with which tutors and students could share ideas is a marvelous factor-thanks to the good work done by technology in online tutoring.


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