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Three Awesome Ways to Work in Another Country

Three Awesome Ways to Work in Another Country
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My name August 17, 2017

I’m a huge fan of traveling. In fact, I wish I could do it as a career.

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I’m a huge fan of traveling. In fact, I wish I could do it as a career. I know I’m not alone in this dream, so I decided to pull together a tiny list of ways that you can find a job or a complete career in a foreign country. Yes! It’s possible, and trust me when I say it isn’t that hard.

Become an Au Pair

Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d love to be an overseas nanny for a family, while receiving room and board. This isn’t your typical nine-to-five, and it definitely isn’t for everyone. However, if you’ve got a passion for taking care of children and just keeping them entertained all day, this job could be yours.

There are tons of places online to find Au Pair jobs, and even more families searching for someone like you. Think about it: you could literally live anywhere in the world doing this. Plus, I think this deal is way better than a job where you’ve got to find your own housing.

Become a Travel Blogger/Vlogger/Photographer

This one is kind-of all-encompassing, but definitely requires drive and skill. A hugely popular thing right now is becoming a traveler and sharing your experiences online for others to see. If you’ve got a unique angle and a fun way to showcase what you’re doing, people will latch on quickly. Not everyone gets the opportunity to travel around the world, so they love to see what other people are doing, and live vicariously through them.

If you’re not into sharing a lot of your personal life online, maybe you’ll take the company route. There are tons of travel-related companies out there who are looking for talented people to make videos or take photos for them, for all sorts of niches. Yes, I’m thinking companies like National Geographic, even though it doesn’t have to be that big.

The possibilities with this online/creative field are growing, jump in it while you can.

Become a Travel Agent

I recently had a short conversation with a travel agent who told me a little about the field she works in. She told me many of the travel agents are going to be within retiring age within the next 5-10 years, and there will be tons of openings for new people to join.

The greatest part about the job is the amount you’re allowed to travel. In order to know about the places you’re offering to people, you’ll (of course) need to travel there yourself to experience it first. Plus, when you do that, you’ll be able to find the best deals for yourself. It’s a win-win situation.

Next time you think traveling for work is just for those who need to go to meetings in another country, think again. There’s so much you can do to see the world, that it would be silly if you didn’t give it a try.


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