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Mandy Li
Noodle Expert Member

March 23, 2020

Ever wonder what it is like to have online classes?

Have you ever wanted to try and wonder what it is like to have online classes? Online classes can be convenient to have. It is great whether you are busy and having a long commute to your college. There are benefits of having online classes.

Ease of Convenience

Having online classes is convenient because you can do it in your comfort of your own home and you do not have to be in class. You can do your online classes at any time of the day and just need to complete the assignments before the due dates. Another reason is that it is convenient is that it can save you time from commuting. You do not need to travel on-campus, and this can spare your time from being stuck on traffic or riding the subway to college.

On Your Own Pace

With online classes you can go as fast as you want or go on your own pace. Usually the professor would likely post what assignments are due for this week and next week in advance. It gives you a head start on rather you want to complete the assignment within a day or a week before any assignments are due in their original due date, and you can turn in the assignments earlier than the due date.

Online classes is an great option to have. It is convenient and you do not need to show up to a lecture. If you are always running late in the morning and you cannot make it to your morning class, try an online class instead.

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