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March 11, 2021

Visiting in school in the Berkley area? Read on to find out where to stay, what to eat, and which attractions you won't want to miss.

Heading out to visit schools? We've put together quick guides for students visiting colleges or graduate schools across the country by talking to students actually study there. UC-Berkeley student Ian Pendleton ('11) answers our questions about today's destination:

Berkeley, CA

Schools Nearby: University of California-Berkeley

Where to get a cup of coffee off campus/the local coffeeshop where students hang out:

Coffee at Caffe Strada on College and Bancroft if you are southside, or Northside Cafe if...well you get the idea.

A good, fast place to grab lunch in town:

For lunch there are Top Dogs on three sides of campus, so that's always convenient. If you are feeling pizza, you can try Fat Slice or Blondie's on Telegraph Ave.

A reasonably priced restaurant for dinner:

Thai Basil is my personal favorite, or La Val's Pizza if you didn't have pizza for lunch.

What To See in Town:

Take a trip down Telegraph Ave to get a feel for the town, and if you get the chance there is a path up into the hills from the Foothill dorms parking lot. It is a relatively short hike up, and gives you a great view of Berkeley, the bay, SF, the golden gate, etc.