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January 24, 2020

As I walk down the busy streets of New York City, I glance at every single face I pass. Young, old, worn down, vibrant and lively; all of them have stories.

As I walk down the busy streets of New York City, I glance at every single face I pass. Young, old, worn down, vibrant and lively; all of them have stories. Every single one of these human beings has thought after thought, zipping through their minds...just as I do. Every single one of these human beings has pages and pages of history and goals, simply written in the way they walk. Their voices echo through the clouded air, fogged up, humid with dreams, voices, goals, and the profuse pollution of diverse scents and lingering clouds. As I walk down this rugged sidewalk, I make eye contact with some, and watch as others avoid my gaze as they glide past me, our stories meeting for a single moment.

This single connection, moment, breath that we share...does it mean anything? What can we make of it?

The moments I remember are not those of avoiding gazes, they are the moments in which I meet a stranger’s soul in their eyes as we exchange a smile. I remember the seconds in which the door is held open for me generously. I remember the times in which I exchange a quick and genuine conversation with an individual, even if it may just be for a minute. Some of these short connections have completely changed my life - the willingness of others to simply be kind and put themselves out there has inspired me to start to approach life with the same efforts: the effort to impact others around me. To approach human connection as what it is; an incredible sense of validity and compassion.

Photo: Justin Eisner on Unsplash

These stories that reside within the people you pass, you are forever written into them - you have the power to change how you are threaded into these people’s lives. The same goes for the people you are close with, the ones you have learned to love, the ones you instantly connected with, the ones you could never live without (and vice versa of course), and the people who have escaped from your current story. You are forever a part of their story, no matter how small. No matter if you’re one of the main characters, or you’re in one small chapter, your connection with them, and their connection with you - it’s forever a part of your life story. What does this mean? Well, that’s all relative.

The simple knowledge that our connections and acquaintances will forever be connected to us and where we end up, that each and every single story we meet gives us opportunities to learn from their own paths - it’s an incredible bit of knowledge we have to feed off of. You choose how you want to soak it up, use it, and use your connections to create your story.

I bask in the knowing that I have ended up exactly where I needed to be at the exact moment I needed to be. I wouldn’t have met some of the most influential people in my life if I was on the same path a few years ahead of my time, or a few years later. I cherish the beautiful people in my life and ways I can connect with them and learn from their own connections. I cherish the incredible friendships I’ve made shortly after breaking off other ones. It was all for a reason. It was all for me to learn from - the same goes for you. I hope with this small piece of knowledge, this small bit of my own thoughts, it may connect with you in some way. I hope this may change your own story - you have the power to create your story, impact others’, and cherish connection. Why not?