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Hailey Foster,
Noodle Expert Member

January 24, 2020

It’s that time of year. The tree is up, the fuzzy socks are on, and the Christmas movie is playing in the background while you hold a cup of hot chocolate.

It’s that time of year. The tree is up, the fuzzy socks are on, and the Christmas movie is playing in the background while you hold a cup of hot chocolate. Everything is perfect until you realize that you don’t have any shopping done yet. You panic and immediately try to find different websites to help give you ideas for what to get everyone that will not burn a hole through your wallet. Finally, you stumble across this page and feel at ease. Here are gift ideas under $20 that will make you take a breath of relief while everyone is satisfied and in love with their gifts:

Gifts for Mom

This present is centered for those moms who love a good glass of vino. This wine glass is the perfect present and totally does not look like it was under $20 (it is $17.97!). She will definitely get a good laugh out of this and just because it came from you, it might just be her favorite glass to use. Whether it’s game night, girls night in, or just one of those days where the best de-stress mechanism is a glass of wine, she will definitely be reaching for this one !

Gifts for Dad

I don’t know why, but shopping for my dad is always the hardest thing to do this time of year. He does not say what he wants or things that might interest him, so it is usually a shot in the dark. If your dad is anything like mine, the holiday season could be a little frustrating because you want to get an equally amazing gift for him as you did for everyone else. Luckily, this present takes the prize: a multi-tool grilling set. The barbeque is most father’s forte and the place where they can put their cooking skills to the test. With these tools handy, there is no doubt that whatever he makes will be short of perfect. Again, this is a very practical gift idea that he will love! This 9-piece set can be yours for just $19.99!

Gifts for Siblings

This present is geared towards those who love to unwind after a long day with a warm, relaxing bath. Give them the gift of mindfulness and decadence with this amazing package from Lush (a shower gel and shimmery bath bomb awaits!). The best part about this is the price- for just $17.95 your sibling will be smiling from ear to ear, and loving this while you will be feeling accomplished knowing you only spent less than 20 bucks getting this knock-out gift! Head down to your nearest Lush store to see what other presents await!

I cannot rave more about this product! The echo dot is so versatile and does practically anything, and it is only priced at $19.99, which is such an amazing price for this palm-sized tool that can do all your basic needs and more! I am sure that anyone who gets this gift will be extremely thankful and use it as they see fit. I have a dot and I am positive that this is one of the best presents I have received. Make your sibling, or whoever, feel the same way with this gift this holiday season!

Give the gift of comfort and cute with these high quality yoga leggings for a friend, sibling, mom, or whoever you know needs a little outfit motivation for the gym! The best part is the price- just $18 to look and feel your best doing any activity, whether it is pumping iron or running errands all day. These leggings will get you through anything. Grab a pair (or four, this is is a no-judgment zone) and get active this holiday season with these amazing leggings!

Who doesn’t love a good candle to help you get into total relaxation mode? This Christmas, stock up on candles for yourself or give them to anyone because they serve as a perfectly sweet and sentimental gift. Plus, the deal at Bath & Body Works is insanely good, with candles priced at only $12.95! Their fragrances will surely help anyone get into the Christmas spirit!

No need to worry this holiday season because these gifts are a total life saver! Suitable for anyone and everyone, I am sure that the people receiving them as well as yourself (with all the money being saved) are going to have the best Christmas yet. Get out there, do some shopping, and have the best holidays surrounded with family and loved ones.