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Miles Keenlyside
Noodle Expert Member

December 18, 2019

If math isn’t your strong point, you probably find yourself using your smartphone’s calculator as much as you use its camera. Find out how you can ditch the calculator and calculate change in your head.

In the time of smartphones and tablets, almost everyone has a calculator within arm’s reach. But what happens when you don’t? How will you calculate basic arithmetic on the fly? Learn a few of these mental math tricks to improve your math skill and impress your friends.

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Quickly Multiply Numbers by 11

Use this quick and dirty tip to quickly multiply double digit numbers by 11.


Calculate Tips at Blazing Speed

Ready to get out of the restaurant? Try this trick to calculate tip quickly.


Mental Math’s Most Precious Secret

Find out one of the most important tricks in mental math.


Adding Up Single Digit Numbers

Think you can add quickly? Try using this technique to add faster.


Adding Up Double Digit Numbers

Double down on addition, and quickly add double digit numbers in your head.


Add Up Money

Don’t ever get short-changed again by figuring out this mental math skill.