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January 23, 2020

Getting back into work can be pretty hard, especially after a nice long month of being unproductive. However, getting back into work can be also easy, as long as you’re determined and focu

Getting back into work can be pretty hard, especially after a nice long month of being unproductive. However, getting back into work can be also easy, as long as you’re determined and focused.

When I first started college, I didn’t know how to adjust when I went back to school after a month off. I was too relaxed and I wanted to continue to just do nothing. However, you need to get out of that lazy routine! The first thing I did was set my alarms. I set numerous alarms for just one day! Setting your alarms ahead of time, maybe a week before classes start, will get you in the habit of waking up early again. I set my alarm for 6AM and then I had one every 15 minutes until 10AM. Also, set your alarm as loud as you possibly can and make your alarm an annoying sound that WILL wake you up. At the time, I wasn’t into rock n’ roll music, so I had my alarm set to drums banging loudly, and that woke me up in a second! If your alarm is set to a song that you cannot stand, you will definitely get up.

The next thing I did was keep a daily planner. I used my planner to plan out my entire week so that I knew what events were coming up and what assignments were due. This let me know exactly when I would be able to rest or take a break, and it also let me know when I should be productive. I would also plan out my days with both extremely important tasks as well as ones that weren’t as important. Checking off the most important tasks always made me feel accomplished. Sometimes, I would do the hardest tasks first so that I felt relieved after they were accomplished. However, if you prefer to save the hard ones for last, then get all the small ones done so that you will still be productive and you will still feel accomplished.

To get me ready for my first week of classes, I like to go to bed early so that I can wake up energized and ready. If you have an 8AM class, then try going to sleep by 10PM. That way, when you wake up, you will be well-rested. Also, try waking up early. Whenever I wake up early and do tasks right away, I feel as though my day is already productive. When I had an 8AM class, I would wake up at 6AM to take a shower and have a small snack. This gave me more than enough time for “me time." Having time in the morning makes you feel accomplished and productive right away, especially if you’ve tackled three items on your list, such as showering, making breakfast, or doing your makeup. When you wake up and realize that you have enough time and don’t need to rush, it makes going to class feel even better!

Before you start classes, make sure to have your school supplies, including books, notebooks, pens, and more. I always feel accomplished and productive when I show up to class on the first day with all of my books and supplies. Sometimes this may be hard, especially for students who have to pay for their books entirely. If you want to wait to see if the book is necessary, that’s okay! As long as you have your other school supplies, that’s perfectly fine. Being prepared helps me feel ready for class and prepared to tackle everything that the class has to offer.

Finally, I like having a space where I can be productive. If you’re dorming, this may be your desk. If you’re commuting, this may be a quiet space in your room, as long as it’s not your bed. Having a work area made me feel productive because I already had the items I needed on my desk, forcing me to stay focused. Having a work area where you can be productive will help motivate you to get things done. It’s your own little area where you can feel safe and productive.

I hope these tips will help you adjust when you go back to school. What are your tips to get adjusted into school?

My name is Linda Tran. I'm 24 years old from Boston and I'm majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Social Media at the Southern New Hampshire University. A fun fact about me is that I learned coding and HTML at the age of 11.