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Aarron Sholar
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July 02, 2020

Moving across the county for school can be a big ordeal, but there are definitely ways to make it all a little bit easier.

As my big move to Minnesota (from Maryland) draws nearer, I often consider how the ways I go about this big move may benefit the whole process. Thanks to many others' help, this move has become much less stressful than it was originally.

One aspect of my move that is making a big difference is the fact that I'm having help in terms of getting all of my stuff to MN. The original plan for my move was to go it alone. My parents wanted to give me our old minivan, which would give me plenty of room for all my belongings and then some; however, since that car was totaled, I had to buy my own car, which turned out to be much smaller. That being said, my dad quickly offered to follow me out to MN with our new SUV to help haul what I can't fit in my little car. Although the other plan was more convenient, it does seem beneficial that my dad will be helping out in this way: I'll have some company at road trip stops, etc., I'll have an extra body to help me move my stuff in, and it's honestly just great to have my family along for this journey. Regardless if it's your own family member(s) or a moving company, having extra space and hands can help you not worry about picking and choosing what to bring or having to struggle with moving in by yourself.

It's also a great idea to plan out your journey well in advance! Luckily for my dad and I, some extended family lives sort of halfway between here and MN. In light of this, we've arranged to stay one night with them in Michigan. Not only does this save us some money over staying at a hotel, but we get to see our family for a little bit! Even if you're driving or traveling alone, plan out where you want to spend certain nights, where you may stop to eat, etc. Planning out a basic route and schedule will help reassure yourself that you've got this under control and that you'll make it to school when you want to!

Now, this last idea that my dad came up with may sound odd, but it does seem that it would be sort of helpful: since talking on the phone while driving can be tricky, in order to communicate with home/whoever you're traveling with, use walky-talkies. Not only is using your phone while driving illegal in many states, clicking buttons to call someone while on a highway is just not a good idea. Therefore, radios can be a bit easier to use in order to communicate with home or helpers on the road, as it require just pushing one button and talking; I imagine this must be at least a little bit easier.

Moving so far away from your family, who you've lived with for probably your whole life, can be very stressful and saddening, however, making the move as easy as possible can help lessen the amount of stress. Remember, moving doesn't have to be as hard as it sounds; find ways to minimize stress and work on your end!

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