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Lara Rosales

February 19, 2020

Did you feel very nervous before your first day of college? Did you feel those same nerves before your first day of work? It is the same thing and you should face it in the same way.

There is this big expectation for you to shine extra bright on the first day of your new job. Everyone tells you how important it is and what a big deal it is for the path your life will take. They put this pressure on you that makes you feel as if messing up that day could ruin your entire career. But, can I be honest with you?

The first day of your new job is like any other first day you have already been through. On your first day of college, you probably felt nervous and anxious. Probably felt like your entire major depended on that one day. You were nervous about meeting your teachers and making a good impression. Yes, that first day is very important, but it does not define your whole career. In the same way, your first day of school, or drama class or football —any first day, you name it— did not define your entire life. And, even though you were probably just as anxious, you made it through them and only grew stronger. That is exactly what happens on the first day of your new job. You wake up that morning with your nerves all over the place.

You second guess your outfit; “is this professional enough?" You wonder if you are actually deserving of that position or if they will soon discover they made a mistake by hiring you. All of that is very normal. It is true though, the first day at your new job is important. It matters because you want to go down the path of success. You want your boss and co-workers to like you. You want to learn everything fast so you can prove you are good enough. You want to make a great first impression. Those are very valid feelings and you should not invalidate them. You should give that first day the respect it deserves. But what makes this one different from other first days? Why do we make such a big deal out of it? Why do we let others put so much pressure on this day? Obviously it matters and it is very special. Nevertheless, so were those other first days. Every first matters and you should always remind yourself of that. Remind yourself that it is important to enjoy those days.

If they hired you, it is because you meet the requirements and you will meet their expectations. You earned that position and your first day should be a celebration of that. Step into that office with confidence and believing in your experience, and your knowledge. Do not let the nerves get the best of you. First days really do leave a mark on you because, no matter what happens, you always remember them. However, do not let a job’s first day panic you. It is just like any first day you have already survived; remember that. Go into it relaying on all your past experiences and make the best out of it. Have no fear because you will succeed and, on its own —without pressure—, the day will start your career on the right track.

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