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Destany Bogue
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January 24, 2020

Social media has become a popular thing that has taken over almost everyone’s day to day life. There are many different opportunities to become an influencer on social media that is starti

Social media has become a popular thing that has taken over almost everyone’s day to day life. There are many different opportunities to become an influencer on social media that is starting to gain more attention. One concept that makes becoming an influencer on social media is called vlogging. Vlogging is a video blog that helps people reach bigger audiences to their site that allows them to make videos on topics that are interesting to them, rather than to write about it. While there are benefits to vlogging, there is a bigger problem, which is the negative effects of parents exploiting their children on their vlogs for good content.

One dark side of family dark side is the lack of privacy for the children. The number one thing that should be on a parents’ mind is the privacy for their child and making sure that they are safe. With family vlogging, parents choose to take a child’s privacy away by putting them on camera and showing the world what the child looks like. There is nothing wrong with wanting a parent to show their friends on social media their child, but parents have to be careful of the dangers of the internet. Once you upload something on the internet, it’s there forever. So, it’s easy for many people to gain access to the child’s private information that the parent put out onto the internet without a thought of safety privacy.

Another dark side of family vlogging is being judged by complete strangers. Once family vlogging has turned into a full-time job for many parents, the parents have to always find new entertaining ideas to show the world. But what one person might think is funny and entertaining another person may not find it funny at all which is where the judgment rolls in. One idea that parents think is funny to record and put it on the internet is traumatizing their child with harsh pranks. There are some vlogging parents that will yell and scream at their child over something minor that the child has or hasn’t done, and the child will become traumatized by that experience since it’s supposed to be a prank that the parents did tell their child about.

Exploiting your children by family vlogging can also lead to unwanted attention from pedophiles. By making your child an internet star, many parents do not realize that pedophiles can easily gain access to the child by trying to talk to them on the internet. As well, young children can be approached by older adults in the entertainment industry that would love to make them even more famous. Some parents may think that this will be a good thing, but if your child is too young, exploiting them to the entertainment/movie industry can lead to negative effects which include drugs and alcohol.

Another negative effect of exploiting your children with family vlogging is the amount of work that has to go into vlogging when you become successful. With vlogging, there are opportunities to make some money, and if you become an influencer, you can make a lot of money. But what parents don’t realize is that if their child is making a lot of money from vlogging, they have to work twice as hard to continuously keep their audience interested. This will lead to the child exhausted and no longer happy with what they are doing. Exploiting your child with vlogging can ruin their creativity as that they had to come up with many ideas to keep their audience, but after a while, their creativity will run out, leaving many people unhappy.

Vlogging is a concept that is fun and entertaining for people of all ages, but when children are being exploited by their parents, it can lead to negative effects. Many parents have to remember to think about the dangers of the internet and their child’s happiness. Even though children may be happy with vlogging and being in the spotlight, they are not old enough to make a lot of adult decisions, or really think about the dangers that are out there with vlogging. Parents need to make sure their children are growing up as kids and not growing up as “a money maker" because they are successful. As the parent, it is up to you to protect your child from growing up too fast and making sure that they are happy and safe from the dangers in the world.