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Mike Westwood
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May 01, 2020

This article will detail what job opportunities are available and most ideal for a Communication major, as well as the skills necessary to get noticed.

As a Communication major, students will develop effective communication skills, including verbal, written and through technology. Those skills are necessary in order to be an asset to a Communications employer when the time comes to begin applying for positions. Earning the degree is a big achievement that students work very hard for and after graduation, it becomes time to step up to the plate and develop the experiences that will get you noticed. There are a plethora of options for a Communication undergraduate, it is up to the student and person to utilize the available resources to get started.

According to a Communications Expert named Emily Offerdahl through, a skill that will show a candidate's versatility is the ability to plan and strategize a professional communication campaign (e,g. politics, fundraising). Understanding the markets that your employer is trying to appeal to is important, because the focal point behind communication is knowing the expectations and needs of your target group. Analyzing the data of those markets shows that the company is paying attention to its consumers and the employee's work should reflect that. Once a candidate has been promoted to this point, being a strong leader and providing tutelage through support will help cultivate a good rapport.

Working on presenting ideas to colleagues and managers, such as word choice and what you intend to say, in a professional manner will make career development more beneficial. Being able to write well in different styles is vital too since certain Communication positions entail different types of writing (e.g. copywriting, journalism, technical writing). Another skill is being able to create a brand for a product to represent your employer as you advance through your career. As technology becomes more commonplace, colleges and employers specializing in Communication are involving social media and creative website development as skills for students and candidates to learn.

On top of the writing positions Communication degrees can assist in applying for, candidates may look for jobs such as a Communications Manager, whose task is to promote the story of their employer. Being a Marketing and Advertising manager could be exciting, where the task is to sell customers on the positives of the company's brand identity. There is event planning, which involves being well-organized and collaborating with staff and vendors to plan a function. Other options include being a Real Estate Agent for those with strong social skills and a desire for professional competition and a Public Relations Specialist, whose tasks include representing an employer and dealing with potential notoriety. These jobs require Bachelor's Degrees, which comes with being a Communication undergraduate and appear to pay very well annually.

Being an employee for a Communication employer sounds both challenging and rewarding. It takes time to improve the skills needed to thrive and everyone has to start somewhere. The jobs come with advantages and barriers, the barriers can be navigated through training and perseverance. As long as the student-turned-candidate has the ambition and drive, there is much potential for a good career and the individual may end up enjoying the benefits of the hard work and opportunities that come along with the profession.

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