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January 23, 2020

Living life on a college student budget can be tricky at times, because college is a balance of work and play—you want to have fun, go out with friends, and make the best of those years, bu

Living life on a college student budget can be tricky at times, because college is a balance of work and play—you want to have fun, go out with friends, and make the best of those years, but at the same time, you have think about your financial future, and manage your money with various costs in mind. You have to think about food, your phone bill, your everyday needs, etc; and, if you have your own apartment or housing that you’re paying for, you need to worry about your bills and other living expenses. When all this starts to pile up, it can get overwhelming—so here’s some of the best student discounts you can take advantage of to help you start saving!

When it comes to certain necessities like your water bill, you can’t always exactly ask your landlord to give you a student discount. However, you can do this with some other bills! For example, many banks offer college students the option of obtaining their own college credit card, which typically offers cash back options and longer grace periods to pay off your bills, with lower fees as well. For a more comprehensive guide to college credit cards, visit here .

You can also obtain student discounts from most cell phone carriers for your phone bill. For example, T Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint all offer discounts to college students, although terms and conditions do vary from company to company, so be sure to check their websites for more details. Furthermore, Samsung, Apple, and other tech companies offer discounts to college students as well. They often require a college email to verify that you are a registered student, which is usually all you need! You can often get great deals on back-to-school offers from Apple, and Samsung offers an extra 15% off on tablets and PCs for students.

There are a number of other useful student discounts that aren’t necessarily as vital as your phone bill or your credit card, but can still save you lots of money! If you enjoy reading the news, most major newspapers offer student discounts on subscriptions, such as the New York Times and the Washington Post . Spotify offers a student rate for Spotify Premium, which, if you’re a music lover, can be a fantastic deal (I have a Spotify playlist for nearly every occasion). You get the first three months of Premium for 99 cents, and after that it’s $4.99 a month—a pretty sweet deal compared to the typical $9.99 a month, considering you also get access to Showtime and Hulu (with limited commercials). Apple Music offers a similar discount for students as long as you sign up through UNiDAYS.

Amazon Prime offers a discount to students, which in college, can be your best friend. You get a 6 month free trial, and then Amazon Prime is 50% off for student members. This means you get free two day shipping on eligible items, you can stream Prime movies, shows, and music, and you get discounts on certain items as well! Amazon can often come in handy at school when you need a textbook in a few days without warning, when you realize you really should have bought more highlighters, or when you just need to find a little extra decor to make your dorm room more cozy.

Of course, there are also lots of fun, smaller level discounts for students. Most restaurants, especially ones in a college town or area, offer discounts to students with a valid ID, even if it’s only 10% or 15% off your order. Movie theaters typically offer a student rate on certain days and times, so just check your local theater’s website to see when the best time to see a show is. Not to mention everyday services that you might not think of (like shipping a package with UPS) can offer a discount for college students. If you want to save money whenever possible, asking is the best policy. Before long, your new catchphrase will be “Do you offer a student discount?"