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Founded with the vision to increase access to life-changing learning, Noodle offers resources that connect you with a wide array of educational opportunities. Through partnerships with esteemed universities and a steadfast commitment to quality content, we strive to empower you in your pursuit of academic and professional goals, serving as an indispensable hub for learners worldwide.

Most Popular Career & Degree Paths

Computer Science

You’ll explore the frontiers of programming and software capabilities, hardware capacities and functions, and the advanced theory that drives it all.

Social Work

You’ll need a master’s degree to provide clinical services to clients; for many other roles, a bachelor’s degree will suffice.

Health Informatics

Health informatics occupies the intersection of information technology and healthcare.

Business Administration

We have plenty of articles covering the many business administration career paths you might consider.

Data Science

Learn all about data science programs, the degrees you need to succeed, and the career paths open to you.

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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain and operations experts solve the logistics problems many businesses face.


Cybersecurity professionals focus on preventing security breaches and anticipating future cybercrime strategies.