Nursing & Healthcare

Nursing & Healthcare - Career Paths & Degree Types

Healthcare and social assistance represent the fastest-growing sector of the US economy, accounting for five of the 20 fastest-growing industries tracked by the agency. And no wonder; the country’s population is aging, requiring more—and more extensive—healthcare services. Sure, building a medicine career requires years of hard work and education, but for those who live to serve and help others, few more rewarding or more remunerative careers exist. And so many different medical careers to choose from! Nursing careers alone range from entry-level practical nursing to an array of master’s-level advanced nursing practices such as nurse anesthetist, nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, and clinical nurse specialist. And then there are medical doctors, osteopaths, dentists, and specialists for every condition and body part. Not so good at biology? You could still pursue one of the many healthcare careers in hospital and medical services administration—someone has to make sure that offices are running efficiently, patients records are safe and accurate, and insurance forms are filed. Whether you’re looking for a list of the best majors for pre-med students or a survey of the best medical careers, Noodle delivers the information you require.