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Art & Design - Career Paths & Degree Types

You’ve been doodling in the margins when you should be taking notes ever since you can remember. Teachers scold you for not focusing, but you know what’s really going on: you’ve been preparing for your art career or design career. If you’re already following that path, know that college can provide the best opportunity of your life to develop and practice your skills and your craft. As an art major or a design major, you’ll immerse yourself in your work for a full four years. Throughout the experience, you’ll be mentored by experts, many with the industry connections to springboard your career upon graduation. You can dig deeper and push yourself harder still in a master’s program—perhaps you’ll develop a highly specialized skill or discover a passion for teaching, both of which graduate work can facilitate. Your life may be a blank canvas now; let Noodle help fill in the empty spaces with our research on art and design undergraduate and graduate programs.