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10 Awesome Apps for Students

10 Awesome Apps for Students
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Students have a lot to handle. Classes, homework, exams, friendships, extracurriculars….

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Students have a lot to handle. Classes, homework, exams, friendships, extracurriculars….. It can be hard to find the time to do much of anything else. Luckily, these ten apps are working to make the student life a little easier.

My Study Life

This app keeps everything that you need to do in one place, organizing your day into helpful color-coded blocks. Unlike a paper planner, you won’t ever be without this one — it stores all your information so that you can access it on any device.


Most students have heard of Quizlet, but there is no doubting its importance. It will save you from buying hundreds of paper flash cards, and makes your life easier by having pre-made study sets. Not only that, but there are interactive games to help you review for your next exam!

Socratic Math & Homework Help

We’ve all been stuck on a homework problem with seemingly no hope for success. This app is here to help fix that. No matter the subject area, if you snap a photo of the problem or question, this app will assist you with the steps and answers, and even includes graphics and videos for some questions.


This app is essential for anyone looking to take steps into the adult world. Whether looking for career events, an internship, or a job, this app can seamlessly lead you to what you’re searching for in your area. Plus, you can favorite all the things that you are interested in to keep them in one place, and Handshake reminds you when application dates for your favorite jobs are coming up, so you’ll never miss a deadline.


Whether you want to learn a language outside of school or simply sharpen your skills from class, this app is sure to be beneficial in your learning — and it can also be fun. Give it a try and you might start thinking the little DuoLingo owl is your language lifesaver.

Focus Keeper

If you have trouble staying on task for homework or studying, this one’s for you. It lets you schedule your time for studying, set breaks, and see how productive you’ve been over the course of the last day, week, or month.


People tend to shy away from brain games and exercises, but this one was rated Apple’s App of the Year (and most of us tend to trust Apple — if not a little too much). It can help improve your cognitive skills, and might even shock you by actually being fun.


This app has millions of practice quizzes in a variety of subjects, which can be used for studying or even just to test your skills outside of the classroom. If you love playing review games in class before a test, this is probably the app for you.

Study Blue

Study Blue lets you create and view millions of flash cards and study sets, find the answers to your questions, and track your progress as you learn. This app took the tried-and-true concept of Quizlet and amplified it, so if you love Quizlet, you’ll probably enjoy Study Blue as well.

Google Drive

Never again will you be without a file of your important essay to print or unable to access those photos that are essential to your presentation. This app keeps all of your documents and photos in one place so that you can access them anywhere, saving you a lot of undue stress.

Keeping track of all of your tasks is certainly not simple, but in the modern age apps like those listed above can make a tremendous difference. Check a few of them out and see if they would be a positive addition to your busy life!


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