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10 Best Law Schools for Environmental Law

10 Best Law Schools for Environmental Law
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Noodle Staff February 8, 2019

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From international treaties to managing the world’s access to fresh water, a degree in Environmental law is the key to a life-time of working to save the planet. Environmental lawyers are in high demand, with many businesses seeking advice and expertise in energy efficiency or environmental regulations. Getting your J.D. in environmental law involves classes in federal environmental statutes, agricultural policy, environmental ethics and energy law, among others. According to, the average salary of environmental lawyers in the U.S. is $103,130.

Here are the top 10 Law Schools for Environment Law:

Vermont Law School

Lewis and Clark College (Northwestern)

Pace University

UC-Berkeley School of Law

University of Colorado at Boulder

University of Oregon

Tulane University

Florida State University

Duke University

University of Florida (Levin)

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