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10 Educational Games for Family Fun

10 Educational Games for Family Fun
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Lilia F. September 8, 2014

Kids don’t have to sit behind a desk to learn; it can happen anywhere! Plan a family game night at home with one of these ten educational board and video games.

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If you’ve got a kid who loves to game, you’ve got a great opportunity to incorporate some education into their play time.

Gaming companies are developing tons of games that are both educational and fun for parents who want more than mindless button clicking or dice rolling for their child’s game time. Here are ten games you might want to give a try on family game night.

Educational Board Games

1. Cranium

Cranium is an award-winning board game packed with fun for parents and kids. Players are challenged to give answers by acting, drawing, speaking, sculpting, and other exercises that work many parts of the brain. As a result of its popularity, Cranium comes in many options from “just for adults" to pre-school to Disney versions.

Price: $29.99

Age range: Varies by edition

2. ThinkFun Zingo

Never heard of it? It’s the highest user rated educational board game on Amazon with over 520 reviews and counting. It combines the game of Bingo with matching to teach image and vocabulary recognition, matching, memory, concentration, and social interaction for younger kids.

Price: $13.79

Age range: 4 to 8 years

3. Taboo

Rated the best game by Forever Geek, Taboo challenges players to get other players on their team to guess a word without using any of the “taboo" words. This can be quite the challenge for players of all ages, yet fun for all. Like Cranium, there are many editions of Taboo.

Price: $19.99

Age range: Varies by edition

4. What’s It?

Have the whole family play this together for a cooperative challenge. Instead of playing against each other, players team up to take on the game itself and try to decipher a doodle by using various clues.

Price: $24.99

Age range: 8 and up

5. Scrabble

It’s a classic for a reason. Players collect tiles, spell out words, and try to out-play others with simply the power of a good vocabulary. Look for the junior version with tiles and boards dedicated to younger players.

Price: $10.99

Age range: Varies by edition

Educational Video Games

6. Reader Rabbit

A top choice from How Stuff Works, this game lets kids develop language arts, science, problem solving, and math skills by playing fun mini games. With editions from toddler to 2nd grade, there is something for every grade school child.

Price: $19.99 to $45.99

Age range: Varies by edition

7. Big Brain Academy

Players answer questions in “memory," “math," “identify," “think," and “analyze" categories to get their probable brain mass. Kids can play against the game, friends, and play in “test" mode. The game also has mini-games such as “Mind Sprint," “Mental Marathon," and “Brain Quiz."

Price: $14.99

Age range: 5 and up

8. Civilization Revolution

This critically acclaimed title from Family Circle teaches kids all about the past, present, and future. Players create and nurture a society from mud huts up through space travel in this modern masterpiece, available for Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox. Watch your child build empires while they learn about the past in this historical strategy game.

Price: $19.99

Age range: 10 and up

9. Mario Typing

Start your kids typing playing this game from the popular Super Mario Bros. franchise. A letter comes on screen and must be typed in order for Mario to move to the next level. As players successfully complete each level, the typing gets harder. Best of all, there is no charge to play it on a number of sites including Too Game.

Price: Free

Age range: 5 and up

10. Jeopardy!

It isn’t just a television show, you can play the home version on any number of consoles including Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox. Test your knowledge across a wide range of topics through 2,400 categories including authentic Jeopardy, Double Jeopardy, and Final Jeopardy rounds. Players can take on the game itself as well as play against family members.

Price: $19.99

Age range: 12 and up

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