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10 Free Apps That Help Develop Quick Thinking

10 Free Apps That Help Develop Quick Thinking
Welcome to the world of apps that specialize in bolstering study skills and cognitive function. Image from Unsplash
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Alexandra Piacenza September 22, 2014

Video games aren’t just for wasting time anymore. These ten apps use a combination of skill, logic, memory and quickness to help boost your study skills and cognitive function.

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Looking for a way to up your game in the classroom without hours of boring repetition or breaking the bank?

Believe it or not, sharpening your learning abilities and having fun at the same time is not only possible, you can do it without shelling out a dime. Welcome to the world of apps that specialize in bolstering study skills and cognitive function, the quick and accurate thinking that can boost your academic performance.

These ten free apps use the same entertaining technology as your favorite games, including graphics, music, sound effects, voice input, and interactivity.

1. Brain Bomb

What it does: Provides 180 puzzling exercises organized into six grades, each with several levels. Helps improve your memory, lateral thinking skills, precision, reaction time and visual judgment.

Why it’s special: Claims that only one percent of the population can solve the puzzles (but it’s OK to try more than once!)

Details: Available for iOS.

2. Brain Games 2

What it does: Challenges players with five logic games, each with several levels of difficulty, that can be timed to track performance improvement.

Why it’s special: Great graphics and tactile interaction!

Details: Available for iOS.

3. Brain Trainer (Lumosity)

What it does: Creates enjoyable and problematic challenges using eight different game types.

Why it’s special: Contains a 35-session program, each session containing three challenges, meant to be completed one session per day to progressively build skills.

Details: Available for iOS. NOTE: Only the first five sessions are free – to continue after that, you must pay a subscription or join

4. Brain Workout

What it does: Uses four brain training games to analyze your memory, concentration, reaction and accuracy abilities, and tracks your performance.

Why it’s special: You may post your results to global scoreboard and compare it with other players from all over the world.

Details: Available for Android.

5. Charge Your Brain HD

What it does: Thirteen mini-games train different parts of your brain and different types of memory.

Why it’s special: Each game can be set to Easy, Normal, or Hard level. Claims to boost brain function regardless of age!

Details: Available for iOS.

6. Clockwork Brain

What it does: Games cover the gamut of visual, logical, language, and mathematical abilities, dressed up with “steampunk” graphics.

Why it’s special: While playing, you can earn tokens to play Premium Games for free.

Details: Available for iOS. (This app is optimized for iPhone 5.)

7. Focus Booster

What it does: Helps you make the most efficient use of study time possible using timers to measure alternating work and rest periods.

Why it’s special: Uses the “Pomodoro” technique developed by Francesco Cirillo to take the stress out of deadlines by setting up periods of undistracted work rewarded a break.

Details: Available for iOS. (This app is optimized for iPhone 5.)

8. Inspired Locations of Learning

What it does: A unique resource for finding and sharing great places to study around campus or, better yet, a refreshing change of environment in the surrounding town or city.

Why it’s special: Having the right physical study environment can impact annual academic progress by 25 percent! This app also includes info on the best coffee and wifi in the area.

Details: Available for iOS or Android.

9. Math vs. Brain

What it does: Focuses on mathematical skills, steadily progressing from easier to more difficult questions.

Why it’s special: You collect a star for each correct answer and stars can be used later to unlock the answer to the hardest questions.

Details: Available for iOS.

10. Memory Trainer

What it does: Works out your spatial and working memory, focus, chunking, and concentration skills.

Why it’s special: Includes “N-back,” a continuous performance task that has been proven in several studies to increase your fluid intelligence.

Details: Available for Android.


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