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10 Great Education Apps for Students and Teachers

10 Great Education Apps for Students and Teachers
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Noodle Staff March 15, 2012

Combine learning and playing with the educational apps for your iPhone and iPad.

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We searched far and wide to find the most interesting and useful education apps available for the iPhone and iPad. A lot of these are free--so you can check them out and see what works for you.

Word Lens instantly translates printed words from one language to another. Just snap a photo and voila! (Free)

Math Ref offers formulas, figures, tips and study guides for high school math and chemistry. ($0.99)

Cram not only allows you to study using flash cards and images, but also creates multiple choice practice tests and detailed reports on your progress. ($3.99)

Leafsnap This app uses visual recognition software to give you the name of the tree species when you snap a picture of its leaf. (Free)

Star Walk Point your phone to the sky and Star Walk identifies the stars, constellations, and satellites in a beautiful interface. ($2.99)

Molecules Molecules allows you to view 3D renderings of molecules and manipulate them using the touch screen on your device. (Free)

Blackboard Mobile Learn For schools utilizing the Blackboard system, this app allows students to access grades, course material, and discussion boards from their mobile devices. (Free)

PI83 Graphing Calculator The ultimate money saver, this app turns your iPhone into a TI83 graphing calculator. ($0.99)

World Atlas puts National Geographic's World Atlas at the tips of your fingers for a lot less cash and weight. ($1.99)

Grammar Up HD A multiple choice quiz system for English vocabulary and grammar. ($4.99)