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10 Great Math Apps for Elementary Schoolers

10 Great Math Apps for Elementary Schoolers
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Noodle Staff February 8, 2019

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Here are 10 of the best apps we could find for your elementary-school aged math whiz!


BinoBalls uses gum balls to help kids learn binary numbers. ($1.99)

Splash Math

A summer math workbook for 3rd graders. ($4.99)

Weigh Fun

A fun game of weights and measurements for children ages 6-12. ($1.99)

Logic Advanced

A great tool for children aged 4 and above to learn about basic numbers, shapes, and problem solving. ($0.99)

Secret Numbers

This challenging games tests your child's knowledge of positive and negative numbers. ($0.99)

Rocket Math

Build your own rocket and go on over 50 different math missions ranging in difficulty from odd/even numbers to square roots. ($0.99)

50 Seconds Speed Fun

Your child can do math, but with 50 Seconds Speed Fun they'll learn how to do it quickly! ($0.99)

Monty's Quest

Help Monty the mouse get to his cheese by successfully completing the multiplication problems. ($0.99)

Fun Farm Patterning

This app for children ages 5-8 will teach them pattern recognition skills and creativity. ($0.99)

Sam Phibian

Helping Sam Phibian count the bugs he eats helps your young child learn numbers. (Free)

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