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10 LGBTQ+ Novels to Read in the Spirit of Pride Month

10 LGBTQ+ Novels to Read in the Spirit of Pride Month
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Katelyn Dickens June 20, 2019

  It is officially June, and that means it is Pride Month! While going to parades and marches can be a blast, some of our more introverted followers may want a different, more relaxed way t

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It is officially June, and that means it is Pride Month! While going to parades and marches can be a blast, some of our more introverted followers may want a different, more relaxed way to celebrate. These novels are all at least 4 stars and guaranteed to be worth a read. Whether you are in or out of “the closet," or an ally to those who are, here is a list of LGBTQ+ novels to add to your reading list this month.

It's Not Like It's A Secret by Misa Sugiura

When tongue-biting Sansa moves from Wisconsin to California with her dysfunctional parents, she is happy to find a diverse community instead of white-washed Wisconsin. In the process of making new friends, Sansa meets the unique Jamie Ramirez and is mesmerized. However, once secrets big and small begin to eat away at Sansa -- like her father's affair and her mother’s racism -- she quickly learns that telling the truth is not the hard part; what happens after is.

Misa Sugiura’s book can be purchased here .

Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin

Riley Cavanaugh is gender-fluid, but considering the fact that their father is a super conservative  Congressman, they aren’t out yet. After starting at a new school, Riley’s therapist gives them the idea to start a blog to vent about what it is really like to be a gender-fluid teenager. Settling into a new school and even developing a crush on an ominous outcast, Riley’s world turns upside down. After someone discovers who is behind the blog, Riley may have to risk everything that they have built.

Check out Jeff Garvin’s book here .

All Out by Saundra Mitchell

If you’re seeking true and authentic queer representation, Mitchell’s collection of stories and experiences is sure to sweep you off your feet. These stories give a voice to the situations readers rarely have the opportunity to hear about.

Buy Saundra Michell’s book here .

The Summer I Wasn’t Me by Jessica Verdi

Lexi is in love with a girl. When her mother finds out, her family begins to fall apart little by little. Lexi swears that she can change, that she can learn to be interested in boys instead of girls; she enrolls at New Horizons summer camp to help her change her ways. None of this goes according to plan, and she falls head-over-heels for a female camper. Lexi may have to risk her mother’s approval to gain the love she deserves.

See Jessica Verdi’s novel here .

Lets Talk About Love by Claire Kann

Asexual Alice said she is done with dating. “No way, never again"- not after her last girlfriend dumped her for being asexual. She wants to spend her summer watching TV with her friends and keeping up on rent. Then she meets Takumi, who becomes a knight in shining armor for her. But the day comes when Alice has to decide whether to open up about her sexuality and possibly risk the relationship that has blossomed between her and Takumi.

Buy Claire Kann’s novel here .

The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth

12-year-old Cameron Post is coming to terms with her sexuality when both her parents die in a car crash, forcing her to live with her conservative relatives. Cameron is resentful of her life by the time she enters high school -- especially for the feelings she has for her friend Irene. Cameron and Irene gradually move apart, and in high school, Cameron falls for Cooley Taylor from her biology class. The pastor of her aunt's church suggests a Christian school that handles conversion therapy, and Cameron is forced to attend. Despite what the school is trying to do, she makes new friends just like her, and she is finally accepted by a queer community she has been looking for.

Check out Emily Danforth's book here .

One Man Guy by Michael Barakiva

Alek Khederian just barely survived his first year of high school and is hoping for a summer of relaxation when his parents tell him he'll have to go to summer school to keep his grades up. Alek is positive that it will be just as awful as his freshman year of high school. But at summer school, Alek meets a cool guy named Ethan. They skip classes together, and a friendship begins to blossom between the two boys. Soon after, it seems as though Ethan wants to be more than friends with Alek, who has never considered having a boyfriend. Alek must decide if it is time for him to open his mind, and his heart, to these new feelings inside him.

Buy Michael Barakiva's book here .

Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan

Paul is a sophomore at what may be the weirdest school ever. The star quarterback is also the homecoming queen who prefers to be called Infinite Darlene instead of Daryl anymore, the popular girls ride motorcycles, and an alliance was formed between the “straights" and the “gays" to teach the straight kids how to dance. When Paul falls head over heels for Noah, he ends up accidentally blowing his chances. Paul has to realize that everything in his life may fall apart before all the pieces come back together.

David Levithan's novel can be found here .

The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee

Henry "Monty" Montague is a passionate gentleman. He loves gambling, drinking, and sleeping around with both males and females. But Monty's roguish ways may come to an end when his disappointed father informs him that he wants Monty to take over the family estate. In one last hurrah, Monty travels from Paris to Rome with his travelling companion Percy, who he has a huge crush on and cannot stop flirting with. The reckless Monty turns their trip into a dangerous mission, and he has to come to terms with the fact that maybe he needs to change his ways.

Buy Mackenzi Lee's novel here .

Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit by Jaye Robin Brown

Joanna Gordon has been proudly out of the closet for years, but all of that changes when her father gets remarried. Joanna, her father, and her new stepmom move out to Rome, Georgia. Upon learning the conservative ways of their new town, Joanna's father asks her to keep her sexuality a secret until the end of her senior year. But when she meets someone who seems to be the perfect girl, Joanna has to choose between love and breaking a promise to her father.

Check out Jaye Robin Brown's novel here .

If you can, be sure to purchase the books that catch your eye and give them a read! Support the authors who are giving the LGBTQ+ community stories to relate to and indulge in. Embrace yourself and your community, and remember to enjoy Pride Month by and celebrating in whatever way you can!


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