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10 MBA Programs for Budding Entrepreneurs

10 MBA Programs for Budding Entrepreneurs
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Noodle Staff February 8, 2019

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More and more business schools are embracing the growing interest in entrepreneurship, turning the conventional B-school model (get degree, get high-paying job, pay off loans, then start new company) on it's head.

According to Reuters, in 2011, 5% of full-time MBA grads started their own companies right out of school. It may not sound like much, but it's up from 3% in 2010. The most significant jumps came from top-tier schools like UPenn and Stanford. Given that this number doesn't account for grads who went to work as early employees at startups or founded companies months after graduating, the real number of entrepreneur/MBAs is surely much higher.

Last year, LinkedIn analyzed their user data to determine the B-schools that graduated the highest number of entrepreneurs (defined as professionals who identified themselves as founders or co-founders of U.S. companies). We compiled their findings, as well as data from several other sources on entrepreneurship-specific MBA programs, to put together this list.

10 Great B-Schools for Budding Entrepreneurs, Founders, and Startup Enthusiasts:

(Schools are not ranked. To get more LinkedIn data about each program's graduates, just click the school's name.)

University of Virginia (Darden)

Carnegie Mellon (Tepper)

Babson College (Olin)

Stanford Graduate School of Business

University of Southern California (Marshall)

Indiana University - Bloomington (Kelley)

Cornell University (Johnson)

University of Arizona (Eller)

Harvard Business School

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)

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Sources: LinkedIn; U.S. News; Find the Best; International Business Times; Reuters

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