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10 Steps to a Perfect Weekend of Self Care

10 Steps to a Perfect Weekend of Self Care
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Victoria Giardina November 27, 2018

You have successfully completed another productive and eventful week, and now it is finally the weekend! Prioritizing “me” time is truly important so you can allow yourself to fully recharg

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You have successfully completed another productive and eventful week, and now it is finally the weekend! Prioritizing “me" time is truly important so you can allow yourself to fully recharge and come back able to tackle the hustle of next week. Abide by these ten steps to be sure that you take the time to relax, unwind, and delight in a sequence dedicated to self-care.

  1. Begin your morning with water and a light stretch.

Rise and shine! Starting your day off right is essential to a refreshing day of self care. Staying hydrated with a cool ice-water by your bedside table will enable your skin to glow and make your body happier. Following up with a light, feel-good stretch can feed your body, mind, and soul right at the beginning of the day.

2. Meditate

This day is all about you, and taking the time to close your eyes, lie down somewhere comfortable, and release any stresses is truly rewarding. Not only are you blocking the constant bright screens of electronics from your eyes, but you are also focusing on your breathing and sense of self by harvesting your thoughts into a guided, soothing meditation. Next weekend, try searching for a meditation session online and soak it all in- you will feel great!

3. Call a Loved One

The hustle and bustle of the week leaves us with little time to reach out to the most important people in our lives. From going to different colleges, to living in different towns, to simply not finding a perfect time, there is always an excuse to neglect reaching out to family members and friends. What better way to show someone you care than by calling them, while practicing your self care at the same time? Start each Saturday and Sunday video chatting or calling someone close to your heart- they will appreciate the sweet message from you and feel cared for, and you will feel happy that you were able to connect with them and start your day off right.

4. Journal your thoughts

Bullet-journals and calligraphy are the current creative crazes. Pick yourself a beautiful, leather-bound journal from your local bookstore and start documenting heartwarming memories, personal poems, gratitude lists, and anything that ignites your love for personal creation on fire. Not only is journaling therapeutic, but it also serves as a great memorabilia to look back on in years to come.

5. Listen to an Insightful Podcast

Let’s face it- those withType-A, driven, and education-seeking personalities like mine feel as though they constantly have to be in productive mode all day long. To achieve a satisfying balance of productivity and relaxation, gain a new perspective by listening to a podcast. With various topics which pertain to entrepreneurship, psychology, history, and simply everyday life, you will never go hungry by fueling your mind with this brain food.

6. Tidy Up Your Space

Clean space equals a clean mind, right? Re-organizing your desk space, arranging your furniture, or simply tidying up counts as self care for yourself and self care for your home. Whip out the dustpan and cleaning wipes on your mission to feeling more refined- both in your space and in your soul.

7. Give Yourself a Spa Day

One of the trendiest practices in self care is putting on a face mask, taking a refreshing bubble bath, and unwinding with a manicure and pedicure, -all from the comfort of your own home. You do not have to break the bank and go to a luxurious salon when you can have all of the luxuries you need by taking a trip to a local retail convenience store. Indulge in activities that make your heart happy to evoke a positive vibe in preparation for your week ahead.

8. Pick Up a New Book

There are thousands upon thousands of new reading materials that you can get your hands on for free- just by visiting your local library! Satisfy your curiosity by learning something new on a cozy couch in front of your fireplace. You will feel at ease with this relaxing activity, perfect for a great night’s sleep at the end of your day.

9. Remove Any Negativity from Your Social Media Feed

It is inevitable that your surroundings will influence your actions and thought processes. Social media accounts that have thousands of followers may make you compare your body shape, hair, or life events to theirs, which is unhealthy for your mind. It is best to remove these pages from your overall feed and only follow accounts that lift your spirits and inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

10. Jam Out to New Music

Dance and belt your heart out on your weekend off! Spotify offers curated playlists,and users’ playlists are available to search. You can spend hours listening to your favorite songs and finding new ones to add to your daily mix as well.

Savor up this opportunity to take a break from work and parties, from stress and worries. Self-care is never selfish. Follow these ten steps to plant a refreshing seed that will flourish into a stronger and revitalized version of yourself.


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