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10 Strangest College Scholarships

10 Strangest College Scholarships
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Noodle Staff February 8, 2019

Check out some of the most off-the-wall scholarships from across the country.

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We scoured the web to bring you the strangest college scholarships out there.

Hiram College Hal Reichle Scholarship:

From the Secret Society of Serendipitous Service to Hal, this scholarship is awarded to students who do community service.

Michigan LlAMA Association Scholarship:

If you or your parents are members of the Michigan Llama Association you qualify for this scholarship.

Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship:

This $3,000 scholarship is awarded to a student who wants to study parapsychology and has written about it in high school.

The Excellence in Predicting the Future Award:

This $400 award goes to students who can predict the financial market.

The Society of Vacuum Coaters Foundation Scholarship:

Love the art of vacuum coating? This $2,500 scholarship might be for you!

Tall Clubs International Scholarship:

If you're tall and write an essay about what being tall means to you, you could win this $1,000 scholarship.

Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest:

Win this duck-calling contest, and you could win up to $2,000 in scholarships.

Zolp Scholarship:

To be eligible for this scholarship to Loyola University Chicago, your last name must be Zolp and you must be Catholic.

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Know of another strange scholarship? Leave a comment below and we'll add it to the list!

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