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23 Kids Share Their Honest Thoughts on Going Back to School

23 Kids Share Their Honest Thoughts on Going Back to School
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Noodle Staff September 3, 2015

In celebration of the back-to-school season, we collected the most hilarious — and honest — comments from kids across the country about the new school year.

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Great news: The official end of summer is not until September 22.

But for most families, Labor Day weekend feels like the turning point from summer to fall. Here in New York City — and across much of the country — it's the start of a new school year, a time filled with worry, hope, and excitement. And that’s just among parents.

Kids have their own perspective on the change of season and routine. Here are the honest (and unexpected) thoughts from kids all across the country, in their own words.

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"Seeing what cute girls are in your classes. And no work in school and no homework."
—Student at Oxbridge Academy, West Palm Beach, FL

"School supplies."
—Fifth-grader at Hillel Torah Day School, Skokie, IL

"Going home."
—Student at Lake Braddock Secondary School, Burke, VA

# # "I'm excited for the bus. But mom? Does anything happen after the bus?" —Kindergartener at Rowayton Elementary School, Rowayton, CT

"Meeting my teacher."
—Student at Linkhorn Park Elementary, Virginia Beach, VA

"Exploring my new classroom."
—First-grader at Marshall Elementary School, South Orange, NJ

"To meet friends and make friends."
—Third-grader at St. Pius X Catholic School, Greensboro, NC

"I can't wait to wear my new Skechers."
—Student at P.S. 101, Forest Hills, NY

"Having everything be perfectly in order … before it gets ruined by the giant clutter that are my school papers."
—Eighth-grader at Charter School of Morgan Hill, Morgan Hill, CA


"Seeing my girls."
—Three-year-old at Lake Fern Montessori School, Titusville, FL

"Very hard question."
—Kindergartener at P.S. 372, The Children's School, New York, NY

# # "Lunch." —Fourth-grader at Edwin W. Chittum Elementary School, Chesapeake, VA

"Jimmy John's."
—Kindergartener at Oliver Wendell Holmes School, Oak Park, IL

"1. Gym. 2. Lunch. 3. Boys."
—Student at Holy Trinity School, Westfield, NJ

"I really like science. I think I'm going to like everything the teacher teaches us."
—Student at Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School, Moraga, CA

—Kindergartener at Yeshiva Darchei Torah, Brooklyn, NY

# # "Toys, friends, and garbage truck!" —Preschooler at St. Mark's School, Wilmington, DE

"I get to do homework again."
—Student at Christ-St. Peter Lutheran School, Milwaukee, WI

"I pulled my phone out, and my teacher didn't care. High school is awesome."
—Ninth-grader at Liberty High School, Roanoke, VA


"It's fun. You go on trips."
—Kindergartener at South Orange Country Day School, South Orange, NJ

"Relax and ask for help. You're not the only person who's scared."
—Twelfth-grader at West Babylon Senior High School, West Babylon, NY

# # "Enjoy summer." —Third-grader at Cypress Woods Elementary School, Palm Harbor, FL

Editor's Note: Amen to that.


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