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4 Important Tips to Help You Nail Your First Job Interview

4 Important Tips to Help You Nail Your First Job Interview
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Emma Yenko June 17, 2014

With all the prep work you put into the interview, be sure not to forget these timeless, classic principles to be an impressive candidate.

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Congratulations! You have your diploma in one hand and your first job interview in the other.

Increase your odds of being hired by showing up for the interview fully prepared and ready to make a killer first impression. Don’t be timid about expressing your desire to work for the company. But above all, be true to yourself so they’ll know that they are indeed hiring the right person for the job. Read on for more tips.

# 1. First impressions count

The first ten minutes of a job interview are crucial. Most employers admit that job interviewees only have this brief window to make a good first impression on them.

Make every second count. Arrive a few minutes before the appointed hour and make sure you are dressed appropriately for the interview. If you’re interviewing for a startup, adhere to attire guidelines that are more relaxed.

Be aware of your body language. A firm handshake is a clear sign of confidence. If you don’t already have one, practice until you do. Remember to sit up straight, speak in a clear, audible voice, and maintain good eye contact throughout the interview.

The big picture behind how you can stand out with your first impression in the interview is to wow the interviewers with your professional demeanor.

# 2. Arm yourself with relevant information about the company

Not only should you know as much as you can about the company, you should also have a clear idea of the responsibilities that come with the job. Go through your resume before the interview and mentally highlight where your experience or college course work supports your qualifications for the job. Come to the interview ready to point this out at the right time.

There are some questions that HR directors and hiring managers almost always ask during interviews. You can find some of them here. Practice and formulate your answers to those questions before your interview so you won’t be caught off guard.

You should also be prepared to ask questions. Many interviewers end the interview by welcoming questions.Take this opportunity to inquire about the challenges connected with the position, or how the job relates to the company as a whole. Posing intelligent and pertinent questions at this point will definitely leave your interviewer with a lasting impression of you.

# 3. Display an appropriate attitude throughout the Interview

If you really want the job, be sure your interviewer knows this. Don’t project an aloof or cold demeanor in an attempt to appear business-like. Employers want workers who are excited to come to work every day because they know these are the workers who will give their best to the company. They will likely prefer a candidate who wants to be part of the company rather than someone who just wants a job.

# 4. Give truthful answers that reflect who you really are

A good interviewer can easily see through platitudes and posed answers. Keep your answers professional, but let them also reflect who you are as a professional and as a person. Even in a corporate world where most relationships are defined by roles and functions, HR managers like to know the real people behind the resumes.


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