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5 Healthy Meals to Pack for Your Preschooler

5 Healthy Meals to Pack for Your Preschooler
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KeriLynn Engel September 19, 2014

Add these five snacks into your preschooler’s lunchbox to keep her healthy, happy, and full.

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Preschoolers are notorious for their picky eating habits.

At three to five years old, it’s normal for “no” to be your child’s new favorite word, but being opinionated shouldn’t get in the way of healthy eating. You don’t have to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day. You can make creative and healthy meals that your preschooler will love to eat.

You’ll be surprised how easy they are to put together. Whether you’re packing them for your child to take to preschool, or serving them at home, these meals are so delicious you just might want to make enough for yourself!

1. Taco Lunch

Use a soft shell taco, with some seasoned ground beef and grated cheese, and your preschooler can have her own taco bar for lunch. Add some cherry tomatoes on the side, and fruit like a sliced pear or apple, and you’ve got a well-rounded lunch.

2. Peanut Butter Spread

Peanut butter is a healthy snack suitable for all ages, and many kids love it. You don’t always have to pair it with jelly. Try combining it with a cracker and fruit spread instead.

For peanut butter scooping, include apple slices, celery sticks, and carrot slices. To switch it up even more, try another spread like almond butter, or a nut-free spread like SunButter if your child or a classmate has peanut allergies.

3. Tuna Salad & Crackers

Here’s an easy lunch to make that’s a nice change from a boring tuna sandwich. Use whole grain crackers and experiment with different cracker types and flavors. Be sure to include a fruit and veggie on the side, such as grapes and carrots, or sliced up cucumber.
Try substituting with chicken salad or even salmon salad instead of tuna.

4. Spinach Chef Salad

Tear up some ham into strips, cube some cheese, throw them on top of some baby spinach leaves, and you’ve got a great mini-chef salad for your preschooler. Top with grated carrot for an easy added vegetable. For extra protein, add some sliced hard-boiled egg to the top. Grapes can make a great side. Plus, why not add some popcorn for dessert?

5. Breakfast for Lunch

Sausage and muffins are not only great for breakfast, but can make a yummy lunch for your preschooler as well. Choose a healthy, whole grain muffin, or a muffin with added fruit or vegetables, such as a zucchini muffin. Slice up some sausage to go with it. Add some fruit like blueberries or sliced peaches, and a veggie like sliced peppers.


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