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5 Law School Admissions Tips

5 Law School Admissions Tips
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Noodle Staff February 8, 2019

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Applying to law school? Here are a few tips, courtesy of Law School Admissions:

Write your personal statement.

Write a separate essay for each individual school. University of North Carolina Law School Assistant Dean for Admissions Michael J. States, says the most common mistake that law school applicants make is submitting the same personal statement to different schools. (To read the full transcript of their interview with Dean States click here.)

Develop a good "story" to tell the admissions committees through your application and essay.

What makes you unique? Why do you want to be a lawyer? Figuring out the answer to these types of questions will help you figure out the message you want to communicate and make it easier to fill out your application. The top law schools are extremely competitive. Good grades and LSAT scores alone will not get you admitted.

Invest enough time to determine which schools or programs are best for you.

Law school is an enormous investment financially, timewise, and personally. Do yourself a favor and don't let yourself end up at a school where you will not be happy and/or prepared for your future career. Check out our [law school wizard ]()to find schools that fit your personality, budget, interests and academic profile. Then check out schools' profiles to read up about their specialties, costs, career outcomes and anything else you need to know.

The LSAT: Study, Study Study!

If you're ready to make a serious 3 year investment in law school, you should be able invest 100 or so hours with some good LSAT prep books or a prep course with a reputable instructor.

Make the decision to go to law school for you.

Family pressure, a bad economy, etc. will probably not carry you through 3 years of rigorous study. Don't go to law school unless it's something you want to do.

Do you have any other advice for prospective Law students? Let us know below!

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