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6 SAT Prep Books to Help You Score Big

6 SAT Prep Books to Help You Score Big
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Orly Michaeli July 31, 2014

Explore the most trusted and helpful books that will get you through long hours of SAT study and bring you the high score you're looking for.

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“The Big Blue Book”

Considered a must-read by most reviewers, “The Big Blue Book” was created by writers of the SAT, i.e. The College Board. It’s Big because it has 10 full-length SAT tests with actual questions that you can take and then score for free online.

While this is an essential book in terms of practice, reviewers suggest supplementing it with other material that focuses more on strategy and explanation.

“Kaplan SAT 2015 Premiere”

Kaplan is one of the biggest companies when it comes to SAT prep. Their new book includes eight practice tests, a mobile version of the book, easy-to-understand explanations, videos, and quizzes. You can also take a free diagnostic test online and get feedback on which areas you need to improve on.

Finally, Kaplan offers a guarantee that if you are not satisfied with your score, you can get your money back or study again for free.

“Cracking the SAT” from The Princeton Review

Another big name in the test prep world, Princeton Review takes the approach of “cracking” the SAT through strategies and tips to beat the assessment. With the help of Joe Bloggs, a character with average grades and scores, students learn how to quickly eliminate wrong answers and avoid test-taking pitfalls.

The book includes eight practice tests, quizzes, drills, and online resources to help you understand the material.

Like Kaplan, The Princeton Review also offers a satisfaction guarantee, returning your money or offering another year of classes if you’re unhappy with your score.

“Barron’s SAT”

This book includes seven full-length tests, as well as advice for studying and test-taking strategies. Also, you can access the material on your Kindle, and it comes with free access to Barron’s online SAT prep course.

Barron’s ability to provide clear and in-depth explanations to each answer, as well as sophisticated and interesting reading passages, shines through in reviews of this material.

“Up Your Score: The Underground Guide to the SAT”

This book is a bit off of the beaten path, but it can still be a helpful supplementary guide as you prepare for the big day. It’s written by top scorers of the SAT in an accessible and charming style. This is a good option if counting down to the exam is making you feel anxious.

“Boot Camp for Your Brain: A No Nonsense Guide to the SAT”

If you’re looking for a more creative way to prepare, look no further. Through consistent and long-term repetition of important material, this book sets itself apart with its “boot camp” approach. It has clear and concise explanations, as well as devices to help you memorize terms and a “Panic-Level Module.” Reviewers said the book’s no-nonsense attitude helped raise their confidence and their score.

Disclosure: Neither the Princeton Review nor any other company has paid for mentions in this article.


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