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7 Destinations for Online Science Homework Help

7 Destinations for Online Science Homework Help
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Elizabeth Xu October 28, 2014

These days, a good science education is within reach for anyone with an Internet connection. Try out these seven awesome destinations for online science tutorials.

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What’s better for studying than a good old fashioned book? Not much, but these online tutorial videos sure do come close.

Whether your child is in middle or high school, she will benefit from these easy-to-use, and more importantly, easy-to-understand online tutorials. She can effortlessly explore the wide and wonderful world of science, with the help of the seven websites below.

Khan Academy

Whether your child is seeking help in biology, cosmology and astronomy, chemistry, or physics, Khan Academy can help. Their tutorials cover subjects on a high school or collegiate level and are broken down into multiple easy-to-understand videos.


If you need a little ACT refresher with your studying, Shmoop is the place to go. They offer a few biology and AP physics videos, and 61 videos focused on ACT science subjects.


This website curates science videos from NASA, National Geographic, and Khan Academy. It features simulations that students can manipulate to better understand boiling points, metal forces, the solar system, gravity, the pH scale, and more.

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)

The NIEHS has multi-page documents that cover a variety of environmental and medical science topics. The website features helpful PDF documents like “You and Your Genes - Making it in a Tough Environment" and “What is a Microbiologist?". The content is easy to navigate and is organized by grade level. Use these resources whenever you need research-driven information for your assignments.

Discovery Education

This site offers tutorials for younger students on a variety of real-world science topics. Kids benefit from practical lessons they can understand, such as “The Chemistry of Fireworks" and “Backyard Habitat: City Birds." For the student who wants to know more, Discovery Education also offers further reading for each video.

Encyclopedia Britannica Kids

As you might expect, this site covers more scientific information than you’ll ever need. Subjects include chemistry, earth sciences, health, physics, technology, and more. Each category is comprised of dozens of subtopics, which means that everything is thoroughly covered. Citations are a breeze, too — they are included at the bottom of every page in multiple formats.

Smithsonian Education

Leave it to the Smithsonian to make education fun. Students can learn all about polar bears, study anatomy, and discover the benefits of solar power just by playing games. Savvy students can undoubtedly put it to good use towards science homework.

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