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9 Colleges with Serious Perks

9 Colleges with Serious Perks
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Noodle Staff February 8, 2019

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While we have to admit that it would be fool hardy to attend a college just because of it's on-campus lagoon or free full-service laundry, it never hurts to think about right? Doesn't everyone say that college should be about your experience, not just jobs?

Here are some schools with pretty amazing perks:

UC-Santa Barbara: On-campus lagoon

If the lagoon isn't enough, UC-Santa Barbara is also the only school in the country that boasts its own private beach. Surf's up!

Georgia Tech: Waterslide

Did we mention that the waterslide is attached to the Olympic pool, right near the hot tub at the Campus Recreation Center.

Stanford University: Cheap Golf and the Commute Club

The Stanford Golf Course is legendary. The beautiful views of San Francisco it boasts must be what's lured greats such as Tiger Woods throughout the course's 100+ year history. If you're having trouble deciding how to get to the links, check out the Commute Club. The club pays members who commute via carpools, public transportation or biking $282 in cash each year.

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology: Housekeepers

Housekeepers at Rose-Hulman change sheets and tidy up students' dorm room and common areas.

Davidson College: Free laundry

First instituted in 1919, Davidson's laundry service washes, dries and folds your clothes for clothes for you. For Davidson students, lanudry is as simple as picking up your neatly folded bundle.

University of Missouri at Columbia: Leisure poll with an indoor waterfall

Just don't get confused between the leisure pool and Mizzou's other 50ft pool, which we presume is not leisurely.

Johns Hopkins University: Top-notch health care that's dirt cheap

Johns Hopkins requires students to buy University health care as part of their tuition which means that you've got access to some of the best healthcare in the country for way less.

Michigan Tech: Your own private ski slope

Michigan Tech owns and operates Mt. Ripley. Upkeep is paid for through tuition which means that Michigan Tech students have their own personal mountain. Thanks to some serious snow-making machines, the slopes are open about 100 days each year!

Ohio University: Personalized Birthday Cakes

At Ohio University, parents can spend $18 to have a personalized cake made for their child that comes with all the plates, napkins and forks to share it with your friends. How cute!

What do you think?

Would/do any of these perks make you more interested in a school?

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