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All the Things You Wish You Could Say to Your Boss

All the Things You Wish You Could Say to Your Boss
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Kirstie Devine July 23, 2019

 When it comes to a job, the one thing anyone wants to feel is appreciated. We want to know that we’re doing a good job.

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When it comes to a job, the one thing anyone wants to feel is appreciated. We want to know that we’re doing a good job. Whether it’s a first job, a job we’ve been at for quite some time, our dream job, or a retail or office job, we want to know that the time and effort we’re putting in is being seen. It can be scary to strike up the nerve to talk to your boss about certain issues. So, if you’ve been able to talk about these topics with your boss or are still mustering up the courage to, here are all the things everyone wishes they could say to them.

Please be more empathetic

Yes, everyone says not to mix our personal lives with work. Once you step through those doors, whatever problems you have beforehand have to stay outside that door until you leave the building. But, sometimes we can’t hide how we feel. Just know that we’re human too.

How about a raise?

Because we work too hard to get paid the minimum. And we don’t care that you can’t afford the payroll or ask us to stay longer right on the spot and get upset that we can’t. We have other jobs and our own lives to worry about.

We don’t feel bad for calling out sick when we’re not actually sick

Listen, sometimes things just come up. Friends or family make last minute plans, we’re out too late the night before, or we just need a day to recharge. Does it make us bad people? No.

You don’t give us enough credit for all the work we do

You may not be able to watch every single one of us at all times but we do put a lot of effort that goes unnoticed. So think about other people the next time you decide to give credit to people who only do the bare minimum.

This person is really getting on our nerves

Look, they may be good around you because they have to, but if you could see them for who they really are you wouldn’t think that anymore.

We don’t want to go to any meetings or work events

It’s always the same stuff being said over and over again and it takes up time that we could be using to get actual work done. No wonder you come by and complain that we haven’t finished our tasks yet.

Stop with favoritism

It’s not professional nor is it necessary. And then you wonder why your employees don’t get along.

We’re sick of saying the same things to you and getting nothing resolved.

Whether it has to do with a specific person, needing more hours, or a problem you’ve been having with something, saying you’ll do it and then never getting it done is annoying and we won’t be asking another time to get anything out of it.

Don’t hire people who are unreliable

We don’t care about how there’s a shortage of employees and the fact that you’ll take anyone willing to work. If they continuously fail to show up or fail to comprehend what they’re supposed to do, don’t give them a job here.

We’re more than just your employees

We know it may seem like we just show up here and get work done for you, but we are more than just our name tags.

Don’t fire me

Yeah, we may mess up sometimes, or a bunch of times and we get that awful feeling in the pits of our stomachs that something bad is about to happen which keeps us up at night dreading coming to work the next day. But we swear we’ll never say these things out loud (except to our coworkers).

There you have it; I hope we can all relate to these same thoughts.