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Apps We Can’t Live Without

Apps We Can’t Live Without
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Rishi Patel August 21, 2019

In an era of technology, we need our phones more than ever. It seems like no matter where you look, everybody is either on their phone or laptop.

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In an era of technology, we need our phones more than ever. It seems like no matter where you look, everybody is either on their phone or laptop. Of course, phones are more heavily used due to the convenience of taking them anywhere you go. Because most sites have an app, going mobile is easy with the multitude of apps to choose from. Some apps are more practical, some may prove more useful to have on your phone, and some are just required based on popularity. Here are some apps that are super popular and likely on the phones of many:

Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat)

Social media gets its own category, as going on any of these sites except Facebook on a laptop feels out of place. Social media is so popular that these apps are default options on the phones of many young people. Given the fact that these sites are likely visited once a day (or much more), it only seems fitting that they take up some space on your phone. Social media is everything, from keeping up with others in your social network, to getting the latest trends and news, and snapping and sharing pics. Being on social media is no longer a choice, but instead a requirement for personal, and even professional, lives.


Whether it’s to kill boredom, be a part of a community, get the latest gossip/news, or listen to music, YouTube is an all-encompassing entertainment king. Without YouTube, you would not have access to popular YouTubers and their conquests, music videos, or learning about the latest peculiar trends going on in the world. Not to mention YouTube videos can contain recaps, movies, episodes, compilations of clips, game highlights, reviews, cooking tutorials, life hacks, life advice, pranks, and much more.


It seems like the pastime of many is to sit back and enjoy a movie or two, or some shows on streaming services. With watching regular TV outdated and DVD player usage confined to older audiences, streaming services are a necessity to watch a plethora of shows, and in their full bulk. The need for streaming service apps intensifies with the release of Netflix and Hulu originals that are available only on these services.


Communication and group chat apps are picking up more steam these days. Instead of text, call, or email, it’s easier to create a group chat on one of these apps and communicate easily and effectively via them. These communication apps are especially useful for creating chats with old friends, family members, or co-workers.

Gmail/Yahoo Mail

Email is still a frequent method of communication, especially when hearing back from recruiters. Therefore, it’s generally required to have email apps to swiftly respond to emails from anywhere, instead of waiting to find connection on a laptop.

Pandora/Spotify/YouTube Music

Music is essential for motivation, focus, and enjoyment, so music apps like Spotify are among the most favored for creating playlists. Because listening to music is so popular, apps on your phone make it convenient to enjoy some tunes, sometimes even without Wi-Fi.


For those who don’t have a car, Uber and Lyft are the top ride-share apps, especially among college students. Having one of these apps allows easy access to book a ride and get from Point A to Point B.


Apps like Amazon that focus on online shopping reinforce a changing shopping culture where buying something that would normally be bought in a store can be done from home with the click of a button. Amazon sells everything one could ever need, and buying something has never been easier when having an account and all your info being up to date.

As time moves on, the need for more and more apps will increase. This is a list of only some of the most important apps used by many in society. However, there may be the need for payment apps such as PayPal, food delivery apps such as DoorDash, and restaurant review apps like Yelp. With growing needs and expanding interests, the more apps created will result in many achieving national popularity. As life becomes easier due to apps, so is the need for them. Soon, most phones may have too many apps to even count.


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