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Awesome Women You Need to Follow on Instagram Right Now

Awesome Women You Need to Follow on Instagram Right Now
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Jermaine Holmes June 23, 2017

 Instagram is a breeding ground for communication and connection in our technological world. Below is a list of 5 of the most interesting, successful women I enjoy following on Instagram—I

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Instagram is a breeding ground for communication and connection in our technological world. Below is a list of 5 of the most interesting, successful women I enjoy following on Instagram—I suggest you all do the same!

Sophia Amoruso

Who is She?! Sophia Amoruso is the founder and former CEO of the multi-million dollar women’s clothing company, NastyGal. After being banned from selling vintage items on E-Bay in 2008, Amoruso founded her own company. NastyGal offers cool, sexy, and edgy fashion- aimed at young women much like herself. Following the success of her start-up, she wrote a tell-all autobiography, Girlboss, only to have it be turned into a Netflix original series some years later (check it out!). Although NastyGal has had some turmoil in the past couple years, including bankruptcy and Amoruso signing off as executive chairwoman, Amoruso remains a strong and successful business icon to millions of girls and women.

Follow her for: Impromptu feminism, a killer sense of style, #Girlboss inspo/quotes

Rupi Kaur

Who Is She?! If you have any taste for quotes pages, Tumblr, or feminism, I’m sure you’ve come across pages out of Miss Kaur’s elegant and best-selling Milk and Honey. Dealing with hard messages such as love, loss, abuse, violence, and the challenges of femininity, it is a collection of poetry of different sizes, lengths, and styles. Beyond that, Kaur is an avid artist and feminist who uses spoken word to speak actively against violence against females, and pushes to break traditional, demeaning stereotypes that still hold women back.

Follow her for: Beautiful photos of her and her loved ones, weekly glances into the enchanting world of her poetry, sprinkles of feminism

Jazz Jennings

Who Is She?! Jazz Jennings is a teenage television personality and spokesperson/activist for the LGBTQ community. Her show, I Am Jazz aired on TLC in 2015, and centered around how Jennings deals with being transgender. Despite her young age (especially as compared to everyone else in the public LGBTQ community), Jennings has become a pinnacle of the movement. She uses her platform to spread the message of acceptance and inclusivity to those around her, from publishing her own children’s book to making videos on YouTube. Most notably, she’s founded “TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation" and “Purple Rainbow Tails," organizations that help raise money and assistance for transgender youth.

Follow her for: The life of a typical teenage girl (selfies, cats, friends, family), complimented with messages about LGBTQ rights and activism for the transgender community.

Lyn Slater

Who Is She?! Well, she’s a graduate professor at Fordham University… who was mistaken by a group of foreign journalists to be one of America’s most important fashion icons… at the age of 63! After being ambushed and photographed by said journalists during NYFW, she started to call herself an “Accidental Icon," and started a website and blog where she documents the very fashion that got her a paparazzi flash. All of her endeavors have taken off—she’s been signed to ELITE London’s Special Bookings Division, has a mass of millennial followers, and does it all without dwelling on her age even one bit!

Follow her for: Performative, energetic, edgy, artistic, KILLER fashion sense documented through photoshoots in NYC

Gaby Dalkin

Who Is She?! Gaby Dalkin is a food blogger, chef, traveler, a self-marketed California Girl. She runs a widely successful blog named What’s Gaby Cooking where she documents her all of her delectable creations (and shares how to make them!) Her food follows a sort of “Cali" vibe, being heavy on greens, fresh ingredients, and the not-so-occasional slutty brownie. Her snapchat consists of “snapisodes" where she demos her delicious delights for her hungry viewers. Self-made, she’s now quit her job as a private chef, and works on What’s Gaby Cooking full time.

Follow her for: Stunning clicks of mouth-watering dishes, gorgeous colors, food that will make you hungry at sight, and peeks at her worldly travels!


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