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Best Boston Day Trips

Best Boston Day Trips
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Boston is a gorgeous and fun city to visit! If you’re only in Boston for the day, or if you want to plan a day trip with some friends and family, there are so many things you can choose fro

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Boston is a gorgeous and fun city to visit! If you’re only in Boston for the day, or if you want to plan a day trip with some friends and family, there are so many things you can choose from to have an amazing time. Here are 5 ideas for day trips in and around Boston.

Harbor Islands

Boston has 13 different islands, six of which are accessible by ferry. Going to an island for the day is for anyone that may want to get away from the city life. So if you want to spend the day away from traffic and crowds, and just want a place to relax, Boston has these islands for you to do that! To get to the islands, you will need to go on a ferry ride. It’s ideal to purchase tickets ahead of time, but you can also buy them the day of. You can choose which times you would like to leave, but be mindful of when the last ferry to arrive back to Boston is. If you miss the last dock, you will have to call an emergency water ride back. The islands you can choose from are Spectacle, Georges, Grape, Bumpkin, Lovells, and Peddocks Islands. A majority of them are between a 20–60 minute ferry ride. These islands are great for swimming, kayaking, hiking, having a picnic, and just hanging out with friends and family. Whether you’re going with a group of people or just one person, it’ll be a fun day of memories!

Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard is another island of Boston’s that actually isn’t in Boston but is an accessible day trip from the Boston area. This is also an island where people can actually live and vacation on. You can purchase a summer beach house, vacation here or just stay for the day. Like the Harbor Islands, you do have to take a ferry to the island, but what’s great about Martha’s Vineyard is that it’s bigger, has shops and restaurants, you can rent a car or a motorbike, and you’re not limited to just hiking, swimming, and kayaking. Martha’s Vineyard is its own secluded place where you can relax. It’s not entirely away from the city life because there are buildings, cars and so forth, but it is much quieter and more relaxing. There are beaches, lighthouses, and artwork for you to check out.


Provincetown isn’t actually in Boston. Instead, it is about a three hour drive away. However, it is recommended to go here because of all of the beaches, amazing food, and tour guides. For anyone who loves seafood, there is an amazing amount, with a restaurant at each corner and so many other food options to choose from as well! If you’re not interested in the beaches or the seafood, there is a dune tour where you can pass through Provincetown’s dunes and experience the history behind it. Many people like Provincetown because of the culture, the beaches, and the food. It is a little busy during the summer, but it’s not as crowded as Boston. You can also view lighthouses or go to an art show. There are plenty of things to do to keep you busy.

Boston Public Garden + Boston Common

This is one of Boston’s most famous places. The Garden and the Common are connected to each other so you don’t have to worry about walking far to go from one place to another. What most people like about the Common is that it’s a great place to relax and hang out. The Commons is an open field of grass with food carts in every corner, a lemonade and sandwich store, even a court for you to play tennis or basketball. It’s a perfect place to have a picnic or play soccer! The great thing about the location is that if you want to go shopping or see a movie, there are stores and a theater within walking distance. The Boston Common also has playgrounds for any kids that you have,nd you can easily walk over to the Garden to see all of their precious flowers, plants and so forth. The Garden also has an area where you can go on a swan ride for about 20 minutes, and the cost is only a few dollars. It’s a great way to relax and just enjoy good company.

Boston Duck Tour

Whether you’re visiting for the first time or have been in Boston for years, a Duck Tour is a great way to experience Boston and see places you may not have known existed. You’ll be in an open bus, but a majority of them have air conditioning, so if you’re going in the summer, you will be fine! You can choose which location you’d like to see and you’ll pass by many historical landmarks. Most tours are about 80 minutes, but there are three for you to choose from so that you can see Boston from all angles. The best part of the tour is that you get to be on land and in the water! So after you’re done touring the city on the road, they take you in the water, similar to being on a boat. You’ll get to see a better view of Boston’s skyline.

So if you want to visit Boston for a day or you just want to be in the city, these are great places for you to choose from! Boston is rich in culture and history, so whichever option you choose, you’ll be sure to have fun!


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