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Best Comedy Sitcoms to Watch on Netflix

Best Comedy Sitcoms to Watch on Netflix
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Rishi Patel June 19, 2019

As the weather is getting warmer and school is concluding, it’s fair to say Netflix will soon be an essential component of most students’ routines. Since summer is for having fun, clearing

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As the weather is getting warmer and school is concluding, it’s fair to say Netflix will soon be an essential component of most students’ routines. Since summer is for having fun, clearing your mind, and being free of assignments, it also presents an opportune time to enjoy some laughter from Netflix comedy shows. Obviously,

The Office, Friends

, and

Parks and Recreation

are fine choices, but here are some other comedy sitcoms to consider (binge) watching during the upcoming dog days of summer.

That ‘70s Show

A coming-of-age show that premiered in the late 90s, this sitcom provides no shortage of nostalgia and vintage moments from six teens experiencing life and learning the ins and outs of freedom, young adulthood, and privilege. The adventures of Fez, Michael Kelso, Steven Hyde, Donna Pinciotti, Jackie Burkhart, and Eric Forman come with quite a few laughs, including the group’s famous circle in Forman’s basement, Kelso’s “getting poked in the eye” moments, and Fez’s overall blunders. Not to mention Eric’s father, Red Forman, is an ideal personality for instigating chuckles with his constant berating of his son and friends. The show lasts for eight seasons, and there is ample character development along with funny moments.

The Ranch (Netflix Original)

The Ranch stars Ashton Kutcher as Colt Bennett, a washed-up football player who returns to his family’s ranch after a long time. The show highlights a new life for Bennett as he tries to adjust to running the ranch with his sarcastic, dry humored father Beau, frivolous and opportunistic brother Rooster, and kind mother Maggie. The brothers reminisce about getting in trouble as kids and do not fail to continue to do so when they reunite, still displaying moments of reckless behavior and hilarious stunts. Jokes made by the brothers serve as sibling banter and make the show more enjoyable. Several characters from That ‘70s Show make an appearance too, such as Red Forman and Fez, not to mention that the actors who play Kelso and Hyde play the two main characters, the Bennett brothers. Netflix currently has six episodes available, with more episodes expected to be on the way.

Schitt’s Creek

This show follows a quirky but wealthy family, the Roses- Johnny and Moira and their kids, David and Alexis. In a turn of events, the Rose family is suddenly stripped of all their luxuries and must now reside in a worn-down motel in the small town of Schitt’s Creek. Upon entering the town, the Roses run into the ecstatic and dimwitted mayor Roland Schitt, who can never seem to take a hint and constantly interferes in the Roses’ business. His happy-go-lucky attitude is enough to give you a smirk. In addition, David’s dry humor showcases the consistent banter that occurs within the family. There are currently four seasons on Netflix and more are expected to come.

New Girl

New Girl follows Jessica Day, a woman who moves into an apartment with three men: Nick Miller, Schmidt, and Winston Bishop. A breath of fresh air, the quirky and eccentric sitcom provides situational laughter, as Jess is always getting herself into a mess. It’s almost as if she gets caught in a web by trying to do what’s best. The sticky situations provide moments of humor, in addition to those caused by the mens’ quirky personalities and antics. The show lasts for seven seasons, providing an excellent amount of comical content.

Young & Hungry

This show follows Gabi Diamond, an aspiring chef who begins to work for tech millionaire Josh Kaminski, only to become romantically involved with him. What happens next is a comical ruckus, with a jumble of mixed feelings, relationship twists, and on and off again relationship drama between the two protagonists. The supporting cast includes Diamond’s hopeless romantic best friend and roommate, Sofia Rodriguez. It also includes Kaminski’s two employees, housekeeper Yolanda and publicist Elliot Park. Yolanda and Park cannot stand each other, but are often found scheming with each other to try to uncover the latest dirt about Diamond and Kaminski’s relationship. Furthermore, the duo is often found getting into trouble together, and the fact they despise each other and try so hard to avoid one other accounts for more laughter.

Each of the above mentioned shows is uniquely funny, so make sure to get your popcorn and be ready for some entertaining streaming sessions. Just make sure you don’t have a Kelso moment or else you will miss the fun of an episode in the blink of an eye.


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