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Books to Read in Your 20s

Books to Read in Your 20s
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To some of us, it is a drag to choose a book off the shelf and read it as a pastime. For others, it can be as easy as waking up and brushing your teeth.

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To some of us, it is a drag to choose a book off the shelf and read it as a pastime. For others, it can be as easy as waking up and brushing your teeth. I personally dreaded reading as a kid, but the older I got, the more I began to enjoy reading. Reading is the gateway to endless possibilities. It is where our imaginations can roam and our feelings can amplify. As a millennial, I know that being in your early 20s can be a difficult time, as you’re not really an adult but you still have to do adult things. Your early 20s is when you finally realize who you are. Here are a few novels that I have grown to love as an individual in her 20s.

Girls and Sex

By: Peggy Orenstein

As a female, this novel has to be my first choice, as it is one of those few books that gives you the blatant reality from a female point of view. Although we are in a time where sex has become a normal topic to talk about, this book really emphasizes how and why girls feel the way they do with regards to sex. It is a must-read and it will make you question so many things that you have most likely never thought about before.

Good Poems

By: Garrison Keillor

In my first year of college, my professor made me purchase a book that I thought I was only going to read once. Good Poems is a book that contains a variety of poems from different poets and authors. These poems discuss love, pain, loss, family, and more. I was completely mesmerized by the words and how easily I could relate to them. One poem I loved from the book is called “Topography" by Sharon Olds. Both the imagery and symbolism used in this poem, as well as the entire book, truly captivate the reader.

The Tao of Pooh

By: Benjamin Hoff

This book is more of a philosophical read. It uses characters from the series Winnie the Pooh and it discusses deep scenarios regarding life, emotions, feelings, and more. I definitely recommend giving this book a try because once you start reading it, you will be able to apply your experiences to the scenarios discussed, and you will uncover what each message is trying to tell you by viewing the themes in the context of your own life.

Random Family

By: Adrian Nicole LeBlanc

Random Family is another great read. This novel talks about different issues that many families face on a daily basis that we may not know about. We sometimes get so caught up in our own problems that we do not pay attention to the problems that our friends, and maybe even members of our own family, are facing. This book brings many familial issues to light, reminding the reader of the unfortunate things that are happening regularly in today’s world.

Milk and Honey

By: Rupi Kaur

This is another great poetry book. This book can truly turn your worst moments into learning experiences. The way the poems capture the reader is quite unique. I can honestly say that I stopped several times to take a deep breath before continuing to read more poems. I can assure you that this book will make you a stronger person both inside and out, and it will get you to view feelings in a whole new way.

The Fall

By: Albert Camus

Lastly, we have The Fall. This book will confuse your mind when you read it. It will make you question a lot of things that you have never once questioned. It takes philosophy to a whole new level, and it can even help you see who your are as a person in a whole new way. I highly recommend it, and I can guarantee that you won’t regret reading this book and taking a look at life in a whole new way.

The older we get, the more we learn about ourselves and others. Throughout our often confusing journey of growing up, a good book can be a healthy escape from reality. Consider reading these books because if you do, you will be opening your mind to a new world of possibilities.