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Most Affordable Online MBA Programs (AACSB-Accredited)

Most Affordable Online MBA Programs (AACSB-Accredited)
Looking for the best bargains in online graduate business degrees? You're in luck! We've compiled a list of all the most reasonably priced AACSB-accredited online MBAs Image from Pexels
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Tom Meltzer July 9, 2020

You don't have to drop six figures and accrue a mountain of debt to earn an MBA. Plenty of excellent schools—good enough to earn AACSB accreditation—offer the degree at a reasonable price. Best of all, you can earn it online, so you don't have to relocate and you don't have to quit your job.

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Not so very long ago, options for those seeking a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree online were extremely limited. No longer; today there are literally hundreds of universities offering online MBA degree programs. Some even offer this notoriously expensive graduate degree at very affordable prices.

How affordable? Each of the MBA online degrees listed below charges under $600 per academic credit. Some charge well below that rate, making for some truly affordable MBAs. Compare that to the online MBA from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which costs almost $126,000 for its 62-credit program—that’s over $2,000 a credit.

We’ve limited this list to business schools accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, one of the two preeminent accreditation organizations in the United States. We’ll cover schools accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP) in a separate article.

For most schools we list, we provide the program’s 2020-21 per-credit-hour (/ch) tuition cost, since most online students attend part-time and pay by the credit. Some schools charge on a sliding scale; in such instances, we calculated the per credit cost for 6 credits per term, the most common course load for online students. Most online MBA programs require between 36 and 64 credits to graduate; executive and accelerated MBAs can sometimes be completed with as few as 30 credits. In some instances, the schools provide full-program (/pgm) cost, and these are so noted.

Note that we’ve omitted non-tuition fees, which can be substantial. Take a close look at the fine print before you commit to a program. Remember also that shopping for schools is just like shopping for a car; you don’t necessarily have to pay the sticker price if you’re a good negotiator.

Most Affordable Online Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degrees (AACSB-Accredited)

School Tuition (in-state) Tuition (nonresident)
Appalachian State University $442/ch $1,101/ch
Augusta University $230/ch $783/ch
Ball State University $420/ch $1,060/ch
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania $516/ch $568/ch
Boston University $533/ch $533/ch
Bowling Green State University $595/ch 4606/ch
Clarion University of Pennsylvania $516/ch $557/ch
Clayton State University $12,705/pgm $12,705/pgm
Coastal Carolina University $598/ch $1,102/ch
Delaware State University $515/ch $515/ch
Drury University $534-$744/ch $534-$744/ch
East Carolina University $378/ch $1,019/ch
Eastern Illinois University $600/ch $600/ch
Eastern Washington University $338/ch $338/ch
Emporia State University $350/ch $350/ch
Fayetteville State University $252/ch $999/ch
Florida State University $479/ch $1,111/ch
Frostburg State University $437/ch $560/ch
Georgia College & State University $22,970/pgm $22,970/pgm
Georgia Southwestern State University $257/ch $257/ch
Governors State University $406/ch $812/ch
Jacksonville State University $400/ch $400/ch
Lamar University $477/ch $886/ch
Longwood University $360/ch $995/ch
Louisiana State University – Shreveport $350/ch $350/ch
Louisiana Tech University $267/ch $267/ch
Marshall University $379/ch $379/ch
Midwestern State University $11,075/pgm $13,219/pgm
Minnesota State University Moorhead $575/ch $575/ch
Mississippi State University $489/ch $489/ch
Missouri State University – Springfield $11,220/pgm $11,220/pgm
Missouri Western State University $500/ch $500/ch
Murray State University $594/ch $594/ch
New Mexico State University Main Campus $412/ch $412/ch
North Carolina A & T State University $399/ch $1,026/ch
Northern Kentucky University $16,995/pgm $16,995/pgm
Oklahoma State University Main Campus $519/ch $648/ch
Old Dominion University $551/cg $595/ch
Pittsburg State University $365/ch $365/ch
Radford University $371/ch $726/ch
Sam Houston State University $340 $723
Southeast Missouri State University $381/ch $621/ch
Southeastern Oklahoma State University $11,880/pgm $11,880/pgm
Southern Arkansas University Main Campus $10,995/pgm $15,795/pgm
Southern Utah University $485/ch $485/ch
Texas A & M International University $10,074/pgm $10,074/pgm
Texas A & M University – Corpus Christi $12,387/pgm $12,387/pgm
Troy University $494/ch $494/ch
University of Central Arkansas $325/ch $325/ch
University of Central Oklahoma $15,000/pgm $17,000/pgm
University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign $21,744/pgm $21,744/pgm
University of Louisiana at Lafayette $480/ch $480/ch
University of Maine $461/ch $1,503/ch
The University of Montana $262/ch $648/ch
University of Montevallo $15,000/pgm $15,000/pgm
University of North Dakota $469/ch $469/ch
University of North Texas $19,464/pgm $19,464/pgm
University of South Dakota $466/ch $466/ch
University of Southern Indiana $12,900/pgm $12,900/pgm
University of Southern Mississippi $554/ch $554/ch
The University of West Florida $456/ch $456/ch
University of West Georgia $468/ch $468/ch
Valdosta State University $293/ch $293/ch
Wichita State University $454/ch $454/ch
Youngstown State University $13,500/pgm $13,500/pgm

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