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Cute and Fun for Two: Date Ideas for Each Month

Cute and Fun for Two: Date Ideas for Each Month
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Victoria Giardina January 26, 2019

It’s the beginning of a new year- you are inevitably seeking change, adventure, and some spice in your love life. While personal fitness goals and healthy eating are at the top of most res

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It’s the beginning of a new year- you are inevitably seeking change, adventure, and some spice in your love life. While personal fitness goals and healthy eating are at the top of most resolution lists, focusing on strengthening personal relationships may be far more rewarding- and that includes enhancing the bond with your special honey! Ditch the oh-so-typical dinner and a movie and take a look at these 12 date ideas, perfect for every month.

January- Cozy Dinner Night In

The beginning of a new year comes with relaxation during winter days off, reflecting on the past and what lies ahead, and embracing a period of gratitude. What better way to fulfill the January trend by relaxing with your loved one at home? A down-to-earth and casual night in is a perfect way to simply get to know one another better. Improving your skills in the kitchen by cooking your bae a home-cooked meal is the ideal vision of comfort- the comfort food is included! For an added level of specialty, open up a bottle of

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is ideal for every special occasion, even if that happens to take place from the comfort of your own home. Dish out the card games, deep questions, and laughs for this evening at home- you will be surprised at how staying in strengthens your relationship.

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February- Creative Arts & Crafts Date

Celebrate the charming month of cherishing each other with a creative craft! Hop in the car with your honeybee and head to your local craft store. From making a canvas with a special date and each others’ names to organizing a sentimental scrapbook with shots of the two of you from previous dates, you will soon see the kaleidoscope of art you and your significant other can create together. Paint the perfect date for each other in February- the two of you will surely stick together like glue!

March- Love at First Skate

Reverse time with a romantic date- on wheels! Head to a nearby roller rink and skate away in the disco-lighted and purple-hued room only seen in movies. In the car ride there, bop to a playlist filled with oldies but goodies, keeping up with the blast-from-the-past theme. Prepare for a ton of laughs and some falls on your bum while holding hands with your lovey. Make sure to grab an old-fashioned bottle of cherry coke or root beer to complete the nostalgic night.

April- A is for Art Lovers: Museum and Bookstore Date

Appreciate the arts in April with a curiosity-filled and intellectually-satisfying date! Visit a quaint town which has historical landmarks, educational sites, mystical museums, and local shops. Not only will you and your special someone gain a new vantage point, but you will also grow closer to them by discovering where their true interests lie. Finish the day with a trip to a bookstore, perusing through the aisles and discussing goodreads. You will quickly realize that there is so much to uncover about both your significant other and the world itself.

May- M is for Miniature Golfing

April showers bring May flowers, and there is no better way to appreciate those petals than viewing them on a golf course! Your fun together will flourish by going through a course (bonus points for a scenic and meticulously organized one). You will appreciate going from spot to spot with a person you absolutely love being around on this miniature adventure. Whether you are hyper-competitive, outdoorsy, or a little of both, you will have a time together that you will never FORE-get!

June- First a Picnic, then the Stars

With the rise of sunny weather, there is nothing more heartwarming than grabbing a wicker basket filled with goodies and heading off to a local park. Sitting on a blanket under a tree in beautiful weather is the most perfect atmosphere. You can take a walk along the park’s hiking trail, and even stay until dusk- searching for all the stars that shine in the sky. A day spent surrounded by green grass is sure to conjure up memories from when you were younger, making the date feel light and carefree. This outdoors date is sure to be one you will always remember.

July- Enjoy Yourselves at an Amusement Park or Local Fair

Turn up the fun this summer by purchasing tickets to an amusement park or street fair! The entertainment is never-ending and the memories you make are priceless. With rides, boardwalk games, ferris wheels, and amazements, there is not a better way to spend a summer day. Complete the night with some fried Oreos and ice cream cones, and you have yourself the ideal date!

August- Brunchin’ and Beachin’

As the summer comes to a close, it is certainly worth heading to the beach one last time, ending the summer on a hot and sun-filled note. Get those beach passes out, pack the sunscreen, and bathe on top of a rich blanket of sand. Go on a cute trip to a hole-in-the-wall brunch place that serves the most wonderful waffles and picturesque pancakes. To make things a bit different than the norm, head to the beach bright and early to catch the sunrise or a bit later in the day for a lustful sunset. Whichever your preference, a date in the beauty of nature is sure to compliment the beauty of your relationship.

September- Diner and a Drive-In Movie

Spark up the spontaneity by pairing a classic date at a diner with a drive-in movie. Split a milkshake with your dashing S.O.- but only after you munch on a burger and an overflowing basket of waffle fries! After your tasty treats, find a drive-in theater in your state (there are not many, but they surprisingly still exist) and spend a night the way those in the ‘50s used to. This classic date- filled with record playing and old-fashioned grandeur- will definitely stand out among other modern times spent with your honey- and is guaranteed to be the cherry on top of the milkshake.

October- FALL in Love with a Pumpkin Patch

Fall dates are the best dates! There are countless things to do, but most notable (and memorable) is traveling to a pumpkin patch. Taking the cutest of pictures, walking around the greenery flocked with growing fruit, and sipping apple cider is the epitome of a cozy fall date. Hey, you can even go on a hayride or two and, on some farms, zombie paintball hunting is offered! There are so many exciting things to cross off your dating bucket list during spooky season, and you will fall more and more in love with this autumn festivity.

November- Bowling + Frozen Yogurt

Hit the lanes on a Friday night with a date that is far from boring. Going bowling may seem like an out-of-style attraction nowadays, but you will always strike the greatest laughs with your date (and maybe even a couple of strikes themselves). After the bowling pins have been knocked down, venture to a frozen yogurt place and go crazy with the toppings! This date is perfect during the brisk month of November.

December- Deck the Date with Holiday Festivities

With frozen fractals filling the frozen firmament above, there is nothing better than cozying up with your loved one and doing all things winter! From taking a trip to a tree farm to making hot cocoa and gingerbread houses, there are a number of great ideas to choose from- one for every week in the winter! The holidays are all about family and spending time with the people you love- and your dates should surely reflect this exquisite time of year. So bust out the holiday movies, build a snowman, and skate away on ice, ending the year in the greatest way possible.


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