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Education options for elite athletes/musicians/actors

Education options for elite athletes/musicians/actors
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Seth Czarnecki February 8, 2019

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Deadline: 3/24/15

Word count: 500-700 words

Key issues and themes:

  • Challenges that pre-professional children face in their education (specific to category, such as athlete, actor, and so on)

  • Address differences according to educational level (for example, are challenges different in elementary vs. middle school, and so on)

  • Educational options (such as public performing arts schools, professional children’s school, private school, tutoring, homeschooling, and so on)

  • Pros/cons of each option

  • Type of student who tends to do well/poorly with each option

  • Impact of each option on future education choices

  • If possible, interview 1-3 families who chose a different option for each of their children.


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