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Extended Early Decision Deadlines After Hurricane Sandy

Extended Early Decision Deadlines After Hurricane Sandy
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Noodle Staff November 2, 2012

Because of the effects of Hurricane Sandy, some colleges are extending their early decision deadlines.

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Because of the widespread damage after Hurricane Sandy, many colleges and universities have extended their November 1 deadlines for Early Decision and Early Action. Here's a list of the schools that have announced deadline extensions so far. Keep in mind that many of these schools only offer the extension to applicants directly affected by the storm and we recommend that you contact the admissions office if you need to submit your application late.

**Flexible Deadlines for Those Affected by Sandy:

Dartmouth College: Early Decision deadline is flexible but contact the Admissions Office if you're unable to submit it by November 5.

Harvard University: Flexible in Early Action deadlines

MIT: Flexible in Early Action deadlines

Washington and Lee University: Early Decision deadline is flexible for those affected by Sandy**

**Sunday, November 4:

Duke University: Early Decision

University of Virginia: Early Action**

_*Monday, November 5:

Bentley University: Early Decision and Early Action

Boston University: Early Decision

College of William & Mary: Early Decision and Spring Transfer

Columbia University: Early Decision

Cornell University: Early Decision

Emory University: Early Decision

Georgetown University: Early Action

RPI: The Early Decision; additional extensions will be announced as warranted

Stanford University: Restrictive Early Action

University of Georgia: Foundation Fellowship applications and supporting documents

UMass Amherst: Early Action

University of Vermont: Early and Spring Transfer

Yale University: Single-Choice Early Action *_

**Tuesday, November 6:

University of Pennsylvania: Early Decision; Financial Aid must be submitted by Nov. 15 in order to be evaluated for a package at Early Decision time.

Wellesley College: Early Decision**

**Wednesday, November 7:

Brown University: Early Decision

Northwestern University: Early Decision

Tufts University: Early Decision**

**Thursday, November 8:

Beloit College: Early Decision

Fordham University: Early Action

SMU: Early Action

University of Rochester: Early Decision

Villanova University: Early Action**

**Friday, November 9:

Marist College: Early Decision

University of Chicago: Early Action (All materials due by 5pm)**

**Thursday, November 15:

Lawrence University: Early Decision**

*The University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University have both announced that they will extend deadlines but are waiting until the damages have been assessed before determining the new deadlines. if you have been affected, we recommend you contact the Admissions Office for details.

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