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Parents’ Choice: Top Toys for Kids Who Love Movies

Parents’ Choice: Top Toys for Kids Who Love Movies
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Noodle Staff November 23, 2015

Know a kid who loves movies or aspires to be a filmmaker? Check out this list of six Parents' Choice–recommended toys for kids, suited to ages 3 through 16 and beyond.

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Great filmmakers know how to take advantage of all of the elements around them — the lights, the camera, and the action — to tell a compelling story.

There are many ways that parents can encourage children to explore the art of movie making. According to seasoned filmmaker Angela Mancuso, who is currently executive-producing the upcoming series Weaveworld for The CW Network, early parental encouragement can make all the difference for aspiring filmmakers: "My parents really supported my love of all things entertainment by taking me to Radio City Music Hall for all the Disney movie openings. I cherish how exciting those adventures were, and in my career, it’s that feeling that gives me the drive to create movies and programs that can inspire. The filmmaker gift guide is an empowering tool for parents, providing them exciting opportunities for fostering their kids’ dreams."

The guide, below, offers an overview of six captivating toys to motivate and support future filmmakers.

1. Epic

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What it is: A child-friendly tablet with 20 educational apps and excellent cameras on the front and back

Parents’ Choice Award®: Gold — "compact, robust, responsive, and customizable"

Recommended for lovers of: Computer games, tablets, smartphones

Ages: 3–9

Price: $139.99 (purchase{: target="_blank" rel="nofollow"})

2. Kidizoon Action Cam

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What it is: A camera with a waterproof case that can be mounted on a bike, skateboard, or scooter

Parents’ Choice Award®: Silver — "easy to understand as well as easy to explain"

Recommended for lovers of: Digital cameras, action movies

Ages: 4+

Price: $59.99 (purchase{: target="_blank" rel="nofollow"})

3. StikBot

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What it is: Tripod, app, and StikBots (posable robot characters) that kids can use to create a stop-motion animation

Parents’ Choice Award®: Fun Stuff — "a good starting point for kids"

Recommended for lovers of: Cartoons, animation

Ages: 4+

Price: $14.99; prices vary by set (purchase)

4. HUE Animation Studio

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What is it: Child-friendly HD camera, software, and guidebook for children to make stop-motion animation films

Parents’ Choice Award®: Gold — "this studio is a real hit"

Recommended for lovers of: Movie-making, filming, storytelling

Ages: 5+

Price: $69.95 (purchase)

5. Spaceflix

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What is it: A comprehensive stop-motion animation kit that is compatible with smartphones and includes props, clay, phone stand, app, and guidebook

Parents’ Choice Award®: Gold — "the attention to detail is perfect"

Recommended for lovers of: Cinematography, directing

Ages: 8+

Price: $16.99 (purchase)

6. The Extraordinaires Design Studio Pro

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What is it: A creative-thinking-and-design-studio-in-a-box that encourages kids to brainstorm and design products for a variety of imagined people

Parents’ Choice Award®: Gold — "there's lots of learning and play value here"

Recommended for lovers of: Problem-solving, drawing

Ages: 16+

Price: $79.95 (purchase)

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