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Get Free Algebra Help With These 5 Online Videos

Get Free Algebra Help With These 5 Online Videos
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Miles Keenlyside October 16, 2014

When you’re confused about algebra, the last thing you need to see is more letters! Try out some of these online videos to help navigate the world of Algebra.

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Plenty of resources are available to students who need help with algebra, but textbooks can be confusing and tutors can be expensive. Try out these five online destinations for some algebra coaching that doesn't require you to pull out your wallet.

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eHow Education

eHow Education, affiliated with, offers a number of well-produced instructional videos featuring tutors and teachers. The video instructors walk through simplifying algebraic expressions, multi-step equations, solving linear equations, and more. Students can even find help for more advanced topics like calculus.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a not-for-profit service that offers comprehensive lessons in a number of concentrations. Visit Khan Academy for free algebra lessons at the beginner and intermediate levels. Khan Academy features videos and interactive problems to solve to make learning easier.

Here’s why we think Khan Academy is revolutionizing learning through video.


Started by mathematics textbook author, Charles McKeague, offers video tutoring on a number of mathematical concepts. Learn from McKeague and his students as they walk you through various algebraic equations and expressions.

Pearson Education

Powered by the Discovery Channel, Pearson Education offers a number of well-structured and organized videos to help students understand mathematical concepts. Students can browse by chapter and by lesson. Lessons are available in Spanish.

Harvard Extension School

Harvard Extension School offers free online lectures for more advanced algebra students. The free online lectures include downloadable worksheets, class notes, and a syllabus. Now you can experience a Harvard-quality education without having to foot the bill.

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