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Hands Down, Moms Are the Best Kinds of People

Hands Down, Moms Are the Best Kinds of People
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Noodle Staff May 10, 2014

Be inspired by the words Noodle's team says about why these women in their lives are so important.

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Noodle is all about helping you make the best education decisions to be your best self. But it's also very important to have people in your life who inspire you to be your better self. Members of our team share how their moms (and other women in their lives) inspired them.

# # Alister Doyle, Marketing Intern

!<a href=" "Alister and his mom"" target="_blank">Alister and his mom

I'm sure my mother wasn't the only one to teach me this, but she always just told me to do what makes me happy. So when I wanted to quit my job working in a bank, she supported me. When I wanted to leave another job and move to New York, she supported me. I know she'll continue to support me through whatever other impetuous decisions I make in life — as long as it makes me happy.

# # Bobby Wallace, VP of Engineering, Search

!<a href=" "Bobby and his mom"" target="_blank">Bobby and his mom

I'm grateful to my mother for teaching me the importance of never giving up and for teaching me how to have dogged determination in life.

# # Brian Monetti, Product Manager

!<a href=" "Brian with his parents and sister"" target="_blank">Brian with his parents and sister

I am grateful that my mom encouraged me to try things that were outside of what normal students did in school. From encouraging me to join high school track to taking AP Science classes to attaining two degrees in college, I would not be the person I am now without her encouragement and help along the way. Love you, mom!

# # Caitlin Levys, Marketing Coordinator

!<a href=" "Caitlin and her grandmother"" target="_blank">Caitlin and her grandmother

My grandmother taught me that life is a gift and time is precious. Every time I think of her I am inspired to live each day to the fullest, follow my heart​, laugh, and take time to enjoy the little things.

# # Elizabeth Quiñones, Content Manager

!<a href=" "Elizabeth with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law"" target="_blank">Elizabeth with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law

Hilda Quiñones is my mother-in-law. She died two and a half years ago, but her influence in my life will never end. She was a second mother to me before I developed feelings for her son — who’s now my husband of six years. She was the first one to tell me I was smart, I was beautiful, and I can do anything I put my mind to. Her believing in me changed the course of my life for the better. You’re no longer with us, but you will always be my mother. Happy mother’s day!

# # Jessica Finger, Inbound Marketing Coordinator

!<a href=" "Jessica with her mom and dad"" target="_blank">Jessica with her mom and dad

"Don’t be mad, mom." I can’t tell you how many times I’ve uttered that line over the phone. Whether I was calling because I was failing my biology class again, or because I'd diagnosed myself with a condition thanks to WebMD, she's always remained calm. She is usually laughing, telling me how to fix the problem no matter how big or small it is. What I've learned from my mom is that your family will have your back and will always love you.

Don't be mad this is on the Internet, mom. Happy mother's day!

# # Nicole Lopez, Business Development Associate

!<a href=" "Nicole and her mom"" target="_blank">Nicole and her mom

While my mother has always told me to work hard and study hard, it was her example that taught me the value of an education. Having grown up with almost no opportunities in Panama when she moved to the U.S., she worked during the day and went to class at night while raising my sister and me. She was able to improve all our lives. Her example, support, and sacrifice is what helped me to succeed.


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