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Becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Ohio

Becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Ohio
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Social Workers help individuals, children or families if they are having problems being productive and stable in their own lives. A career as a social worker can be quite fulfilling.

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Becoming a licensed clinical social worker in Ohio requires certain education levels, hours of clinical service, and possibly other requirements. When considering a career as a licensed clinical social worker in Ohio, and evaluating potential educational programs, you should enroll at a CSWE accredited program. Depending on the job, Ohio may require that candidates have a degree from CSWE accredited MSW program.

One such example of a CSWE accredited social work program is Tulane University Online Masters of Social Work. The online MSW at Tulane University requires applicants to have a bachelor’s degree but does not require a GRE score for admission. Click to contact Tulane University about their online Master of Social Work program.

The average Ohio licensed clinical social worker salary is $55,031. For those individuals who’ve gone on to obtain a master’s degree in social work, the average salary is $61,465. Those who have a doctoral degree earn $72,055 on average. Social workers in Ohio also benefit from promising long-term career prospects, with demand for social workers expected to grow by 15 percent in the next decade.

As we mentioned, if you are evaluating a graduate degree program in order to become or to advance your career as a licensed clinical social worker in Ohio, we recommend you start with CSWE accredited social work programs. There are over 240 accredited CSWE MSW programs to review. Get a jump start and browse the MSW programs below to begin the journey of becoming a Ohio licensed clinical social worker!

  •         UC Health
  • Mercy Health
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
  • Cleveland Clinic

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