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Becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in South Dakota

Becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in South Dakota
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Social work is a valued profession, and one in which you are empowered to give back to society and to help so many lives.

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Social workers maintain a critical role in the enhancement of society as they support communities and individuals to discover answers to life’s challenges. Social Workers help individuals, children or families if they are having problems being productive and stable in their own lives. A career as a social worker can be quite fulfilling.

Becoming a South Dakota licensed clinical social worker requires an individual to achieve specific education levels, fieldwork, as well as other administrative related requirements.

The first major step towards a licensed clinical social worker career is to obtain the required educational degree for South Dakota. We recommend you being your search for an accredited social work program by reviewing those accredited by CSWE, the the national association representing social work education in the United States.

One such example of a CSWE accredited social work program is Tulane University Online Masters of Social Work. The online MSW at Tulane University requires applicants to have a bachelor’s degree but does not require a GRE score for admission. Click here to contact Tulane University about their online Master of Social Work program.

The average South Dakota licensed clinical social worker salary is $61,483. For those individuals who’ve gone on to obtain a master’s degree in social work, the average salary is $73,058. Those who have a doctoral degree earn $68,673 on average.

The job growth rate for social workers in South Dakota is expected to grow by 15 percent by 2026. Interested in learning more about organizations hiring social workers in South Dakota? In fact, there are 2450 jobs recruiting social workers in South Dakota. Please see the list below of organizations actively searching for social workers who possess or are concurrently enrolled in a social work masters degree program.

  • Sanford Health
  • Indian Health Service
  • Regional Health
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • South Dakota State Government

When considering a masters level education to become a licensed clinical social worker in South Dakota, or to advance your career as a South Dakota social worker, you should investigate the details of respective programs. For example, most programs include a core of general courses, yet vary tremendously in how they prepare students for various advanced practice roles. Find a school to get started on your journey to becoming a licensed clinical social worker in South Dakota.

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