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Want to Work at Netflix? Here Are the Degrees You’ll Need.

Want to Work at Netflix? Here Are the Degrees You’ll Need.
Data from Indeed shows that Netflix employees are compensated with well above-average salaries, especially for tech-related positions. Image from Unsplash
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Rina Diane Caballar May 1, 2019

Netflix hires candidates who appreciate the company's "unusual" culture, while also bringing the necessary skills and experience to the couch (err... table).

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It’s no secret that Netflix has changed the way we watch movies and TV. Aside from being a leader (and game-changer) in entertainment, the company also consistently tops the box office list of the best places to work.

We’ll let the facts speak for themselves: Netflix took the 11th position on LinkedIn’s 2019 rankings of the top companies to work for in the US. It also snagged the top spot on Hired’s 2018 survey of employers most desired by tech workers and came in second on Comparably’s list of companies with the happiest employees in 2018.

So, do you want to be part of Netflix and play a hand in revolutionizing the future of entertainment? Read on to find out what degrees you’ll need to do that—with some tips for scoring a job one of the world’s top media companies.

A brief production history

Launched in 1998, Netflix began as an online DVD rental platform. In 2007, the company introduced streaming, allowing subscribers to watch movies and TV shows on demand. The platform currently has more than 148 million paid members and reported a revenue of around $4.2 billion at the end of 2018.

Headquartered in Los Gatos, California, Netflix also has offices around the world, including in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. As of 2018, the company reported
over 7,000 employees</a globally.


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Behind the scenes at Netflix

Netflix employees include dream teams in content, creative production, data and analytics, design and product innovation, engineering, finance, and marketing and PR, among others. According to the company’s LinkedIn page, 45 percent of its employees are in senior positions, 27 percent are entry-level, and 15 percent are managers. In terms of education, 56 percent have bachelor’s degrees, 25 percent have master’s degrees, and 9 percent have a master’s in business administration.

Data from Indeed shows that Netflix employees are compensated with well above-average salaries, especially for tech-related positions.

__Here are some of the highest-paid roles at Netflix:__

  • Senior user interface designer: $398,137 average base pay
  • Front-end developer: $246,103 average base pay
  • Full-stack developer: $185,530 average base pay
  • Senior quality assurance engineer: $183,836 average base pay
  • Senior software engineer: $182,285 average base pay
  • Senior data scientist: $178,446 average base pay
  • Software test engineer: $171,073 average base pay
  • Software engineer: $141,388 average base pay

Netflix calls its culture “unusual” with open and candid communication, independent decision-making, and the avoidance of rules, and a dynamic that calls. Because of this, the company’s culture may not be for everyone.

Among the perks that make Netflix attractive are generous parental leave, unlimited time off, support for those looking to start a family, and stock options. By checking all the right boxes when it comes to salary and benefits, it’s no wonder that Netflix is one of the most coveted companies to work for.

Want to join the crew? Here are the degrees you’ll need.

A closer look at the Netflix job site reveals a number of tech-related roles in areas such as engineering, data and analytics, and information security. But there’s also room for the business and finance fields.

Positions that require business skills include program manager and project manager in creative production, a team that brings Netflix’s catalog to life—from artwork and previews to localizing films and TV shows for other countries. These roles oversee planning and strategizing, managing schedules and budgets, and coordinating with other teams, all while looking for ways to improve processes. __An MBA degree will help you succeed in the job.

Netflix also lists openings available for financial analysts, financial planning associates, and finance operations business partners. In these finance roles, you’ll create financial forecasts, interpret and analyze financial documents, and optimize workflows to improve forecasting accuracy. Earning a master’s degree in finance will give you the skills you need for the job.

When it comes to application and information security, Netflix is looking for security engineers and software engineers. You’ll be responsible for designing, implementing, and enforcing security policies. You’ll know how to perform security design reviews and threat modeling, and you’ll have a deep understanding of cryptography and security architecture. To do the job, you’ll need a degree in cybersecurity, computer forensics, or information security. Getting your cybersecurity certification might also give you an edge over the competition.

You know those nudges encouraging your ‘Netflix ‘n chill’ binges to continue on for eternity? You can blame data science and analytics, which are king at Netflix. The company invests big time in the research and development of personalized algorithms and machine learning applications to improve its services. At Netflix, job listings for analytics engineers, data scientists, machine learning scientists, and research scientists require knowledge of data analysis, reporting, and visualization; machine learning algorithms and statistical methods; and programming languages such as Java, Python, and SQL. You’ll need a degree in computer science, math, or statistics.

Finally, Netflix’s engineering team is looking for software engineers and user interface engineers. Those rolls all for solid knowledge of client-server architecture, cloud computing platforms, large-scale distributed systems, programming, and software development best practices. A degree in computer science or information technology will develop these skills.

And… scene!

In hiring, Netflix looks for candidates who can adapt to its culture and values while also bringing the relevant qualifications and experience to the couch (err… table). Problem-solving skills are crucial, too. Which makes earning the right degree a solid way to set yourself up for landing your dream job—hey!

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